Starbucks Worker Goes Viral After Sharing Customer's $52,000 Order: 'That's When I Quit'

There are few things that shock me anymore, truly. It's almost 2021 and I spend my entire day logged onto social media. I see lots of things that drive me crazy but nothing that really shocks me. However, this $50,000 Starbucks order truly made my stomach turn because I cannot believe people like this exist.

Please stay and watch along in horror with me, wont you?

It seems like every week a different Starbucks employee goes viral for something horrific happening to them at work.

Remember when we thought 22 drink orders were bad? Try several thousands of drink orders all placed at once.

I know, right? I'm stressed already.

In a TikTok that has gone viral, user @esha__crosby shows an order they got while working as a barista at Starbucks.

This video, which has over 300,000 likes, seems almost unbelievable.

"IM DONE, this person needs to be my sugar 𝔇addy," the caption read.

The video shows an order that totals $52,189 and 20 cents! The audio that plays over the clip is very NSFW but please know it involves a lot of curse words.

The order is for 9,576 venti Caramel Frappuccinos and since the stickers are being physically printed, this is a legit order friends!

Naturally, everyone was losing their dang minds.

'This is why i say starbucks should have their own catering company bc customer b doing this and getting made when we dont finish in 5 mins," commented one user.

"I would simply refuse to make that order. I’d cancel and say we don’t have the ingredients lmao," said another.

"That’s when I quit," commented a different user.

According to the user's TikTok bio, they're located in California, so my guess is that this huge order was for some fancy LA celebrity or influencer party.