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Homeowner Accidentally Burns House Down While Trying To Get Rid Of Snakes

Finding unwanted guests in your home is not something that anyone ever wants to experience, but little critters can often find ways to sneak into our abodes.

However, one homeowner recently ended up in serious danger when they were trying to rid their house of some snakes that had taken up residence in their basement.

Earlier this month, firefighters were called to a house that was ablaze in Maryland.

When firefighters arrived at a property in Maryland, US, they were confronted with a house ablaze.

It transpired that the owner of the house had been trying to deal with a snake infestation in a unique way.

The owner had apparently been using coals to try and smoke out the snakes.

However, the homeowner's attempts to use coals to smoke out the snakes backfired due to the fact that they had placed the coals too close to some "combustibles" in the basement, according to officials.

Montgomery County Fire Department shared images of the aftermath.

The building was largely reduced to a charred shell, with the cost of the damage being estimated at being over a million dollars.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the blaze.

The Chief Spokesperson for Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service recently posted an update about the condition of the snakes.

Chief Spokesperson Pete Piringer wrote on Twitter that, though there was evidence that some snakes had died in the blaze, there were likely others that had managed to survive.

This is not the first time that someone has burned down their house when trying to deal with pests.

Back in 2018, a man in Fresno, California burnt his parents' house down with a blowtorch when he was trying to get rid of some spiders.

Maybe it is time for people to stop trying to burn out pests from their homes, just a thought?

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