Prince William And Kate Middleton Broke Royal Protocol On Their Christmas Card

Christmas is a time to tell those you love how you feel. Hello, that was the whole premise of Love Actually — the greatest Christmas movie of all time!

And for couples who have been together for years it's even more important to focus on showing your family and friends love, which is exactly why I support Prince William and Kate Middleton showing a little PDA on their Christmas card.

It's no secret the royal family has a billion rules they have to live by.

Okay, maybe not a billion rules but there's a lot of things they cannot do. For example, we'd sooner see pigs fly than see Kate Middleton flying commercial in sweatpants and a greasy bun like every other mom in the world.

I can't imagine living life with so many rules — I'd surely forget them all.

So when I saw Prince William and Kate Middleton's Christmas card, I totally noticed the unusual levels of PDA.

And by PDA, I mean licherally the most innocent touch ever.

As you can see, Kate and William are resting their hands on each other's thighs — GASP!

Talk about breaking the no PDA protocol. Get a room, Wills and Kate! I'm sure HM clutched her pearls when she saw such a display.

JUST KIDDING, I'm sure she's happy to see her grandson, and future heir to the throne, looking happy and as in-love as ever!

I hope the royal family continues to move in this pattern of easing up a bit and showing fans a more approachable, relatable side to them!