Workers Online Share The Dumbest Complaints They Came Across On The Job

One thing that I've always been grateful for is that I never worked in customer service. I can only imagine the stuff that people who work in those types of positions go through daily.

From the complaining customers to the demanding ones, they must see it all. Am I right? And these are just a few nightmare stories they shared. Check them out and be nice the next time you feel that you're in the right.

1. This Pure Jerk

Unsplash | Alicia Petresc

"I worked at a shoe store and I had a guy come in and ask where he could get some books packed up for free and shipped. I said I wasn't sure and that [maybe] Staples would do it because they have a UPS area there. He said he already tried there and then he called me a fat a** (I wasn't fat. Just very pregnant) because I couldn't be bothered to get off the ladder to help him."

I was like, 'Dude. I sell shoes. I don't know what you want from me.'"


2. This Indecisive Person

Unsplash | Mai Quốc Tùng Lâm

"Restaurant with open kitchen, so customers and us cooks can converse freely. [A] customer wanted crispy fish. Made it really crispy. Not done enough. I cooked a new one, literally like 15 minutes on the fryers; I cooked three or four other orders around it. She then complained that it was too hot and she didn't want it."

Oh, nice!

3. This Charmer

Unsplash | krakenimages

"A guy asked if I was the manager. 'Can I help you with something?' Angrily: 'Yeah, three Saturdays in row now I come down here at 4:30, and every [expletive] Saturday you close at 4.'

Uh...yeah. We close at 4.'”

Oh yeah, what a charmer, huh?

4. This Unreasonable Request

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"I work for a popular roadside assistance company and had a guy call in wanting to get roadside assistance for his daughter who was stranded. His daughter was not on his membership and there was no room to add her because he already had his wife added. So I suggested he remove his wife for now and add his daughter so she can get roadside assistance and then switch them back afterward.

Apparently, this was the most outrageous suggestion. He went and told my supervisor that I was "... making him choose his daughter over his wife and no father should have to make that kind of decision."

Wow! No words for that.

5. This Odd Reaction

Unsplash | AbsolutVision

"Had a woman call me racist because I asked her if she needed utensils for her take-out."

Um, how does that even make any sense at all? What if he didn't ask her if she wanted utensils? Would she get offended by that too?

6. This Interesting Conversation

"I worked in the computer department but was sitting at the loss prevention desk. An old lady comes in, asks where the dairy section is, and [wants] help finding the milk. I told her, kindly, that we weren't in a grocery store. She looks confused and leaves. A couple of minutes later her (presumably) son walks in, and starts chewing my a** because I wouldn't help her find the milk.

So I paged the loss prevention supervisor up to the front. The LP supervisor invited the guy to never come back to the store."


7. This Avocado Mystery

Unsplash | Thought Catalog

"[I] work in produce delivery. Had a lady complain that the pit in her avocado was too big. She followed up by asking if she could come in and pick her own items before we delivered them and I kindly reminded her that grocery stores exist."

Ha, ha, ha — that's a good one, huh?

8. This Customer Tip

Unsplash | Tai's Captures

"I'm a bartender and just last night a couple came in and I knew something would happen.. they are sitting at their TABLE and ask for some margaritas. I go make them and bring them out to the table. He proceeds to tell me 'Here's a TAFFER tip; if someone orders a cocktail you should make it in front of them.'

I replied, 'Well, if you were sitting at THE BAR I could do that... Do you want me to bring the blender out to your table and make your frozen drink for you there!?' WTH one of the dumbest things I've ever heard."

Geez, thanks!

9. This Lovely Encounter

"Normally our return policy is within 21 days for store credit. During the holidays we extend it so that anything purchased between Black Friday and December 24th can be returned up until the end of January.

A few years ago this guy came in around the end of April trying to return Christmas gifts on DRY CLEANING HANGERS. When I told him I wouldn't take it back, even for a store credit, he blew up on me and cussed me out in front of other customers in the store.

He then proceeded to leave a 1 star review and bash the store saying how he's ... never been treated like that before at a store'".

10. This $5 Demand

"I worked at Subway in high school and a customer demanded to speak to a manager because her $5 footlong was not exactly $5. I tried explaining to her that sales tax is normal and $5.35 is the price of anything after tax that is $5 she continued to yell and cuss at me.

She even specifically stated she does not have to pay a tax. It was at that moment I accepted that there was no being rational with some people."

11. This Ridiculous Reaction

"We couldn’t get a $5 coupon to scan so we just took it off in another way and she ranted and raved because she didn’t like how it was going to look on the receipt. Legit yelled at one of my cashiers for this. I’ll never understand."

I mean, why?

12. This Blame Game

Unsplash | Konrad Bednarek

"Customer: 'Can you put a bulb in my headlight?'

Us: 'Absolutely! There ya go!'

One week later... Same customer on phone: 'Yea, last week you changed my headlight and now the brakes are grinding. I shouldn't have to pay to have my brakes replaced since you did this.'"

13. This Frappuccino Obsession

"Worked at a coffee shop that wasn’t Starbucks. Frappuccino is a trademarked word for Starbucks blended coffee drinks. When customers would ask for frappuccinos we would just put in the order as what we called it and let them know the name for it at our store so they would recognize it when the barista called it out.

Had a woman get so upset she was screaming, all over the word frappuccino. According to her it was the traditional Italian word for a blended coffee drink (it’s not) and we obviously thought she was stupid to tell her otherwise and how dare we insult her like that."

I don't even have words for that!

14. This Serious Complaint

"Somebody called head office to complain that they heard a Michael Jackson song in our store."

Seriously, people pick at the most ridiculous things and think they can get away with it.

15. This Coffee Maniac

Unsplash | Nafinia Putra

"I worked at a campus coffee shop in college. It had multiple locations, and my position was to fill in for people who didn't show up.

One morning I ended up having to open a location I had never been to by myself. A woman came in to buy her regular coffee and yelled at me because I had put the milk and sugar out on the wrong side of the room."

I think she needs to relax!

16. This Ice Cream Bandit

Unsplash | American Heritage Chocolate

"Ice cream, half-eaten, lactose-free ice cream. They called up the store I worked at and demanded we take it back [because] after she ate almost all of it she realized it didn't taste that well. Despite my efforts to explain that we can't take back food she already had opened and eaten she still insisted we gave her back her money."

17. This Gas Station Freak Out

Unsplash | Mehluli Hikwa

"This woman wanted to fight me because there was no vanilla syrup in the self-serve coffee machine. I worked at a gas station."

OMG, what the heck is wrong with people? If you want a fancy coffee go to a coffee shop.

18. This Oxymoron

Unsplash | Fabrizio Pullara

"I used to work at a pizza place with a small dining room. So many people would complain that their pizza was too hot to eat. Of course, it is. It just came out of the oven. This is why you chose to drive your dumbass here to eat instead of having it delivered. Because it's fresh. Fresh pizza is hot."


Oh my goodness. What did I tell you?

Unsplash | Patrick Tomasso

Working in customer service isn't for the faint of heart. It's pretty clear to me right now. So next time you get irritated with someone, think about whether your request is indeed reasonable. If not, then just move on. I bet these workers here will appreciate that.