Food Delivery Driver Took Embarrassingly Relatable Photo Of Woman As 'Proof' Of Delivery

Today, I'm going to be regaling you all with a tale so mortifying, I can only imagine it in my worst nightmares. This story will hit a little too close to home to those of us who have become incredibly attached to their food courier apps over the past two years. No please, don't be embarrassed — I fall into that category.

Look, if you've ever ordered food from Door Dash, UberEats, Grub Hub or Postmates, then today's story is going to be incredibly relatable.

We've all tracked our delivery driver's journey only to wait by the window and watch as they drop off our food.

And most of the time, we're in our sweatpants, or PJ's, hair unwashed and tied in a bun as we wait for our lovely delivery driver to get the heck out of our driveway.


We then open the door quickly, retrieve the food and run back to our living room to stuff our faces while watching reality TV.

Thankfully since the pandemic, we've been able to select the option for our food to be delivered to our door, no contact.

Meaning we don't even have to greet our delivery driver and therefore, they don't have to look us in the eyes before we sulk back in shame.

However, one woman's moment was captured as her delivery driver took a photo of her grabbing her food as his "proof of delivery" photo that's mandatory for drivers to take.

Most of the time, though, it's just a photo of the food — not the food and the person it was delivered to.

All I have to say is I'm so happy Sarah Fatemi chose to share this iconic photo with us all.

I never thought I'd see my worst nightmare come to life like this but I'm glad it made me laugh my butt off.