Server Earns Praise For Shutting Down Creepy, Homophobic Customer In Video

If you been around enough people who have been through the service industry, you're bound to hear some horror stories about how rude, demanding, and downright unreasonable their customers can get.

And while it's widely considered a major red flag if the person you're dating is rude to the servers, some customers are so infuriating that everyone else in the restaurant is happy to see them go as well.

That certainly seemed to be the case for one man who got seriously told off by one server at a New York diner.

Be advised that the videos featured in this article contain explicit language

On December 6, a patron at an unspecified diner in Long Island, New York named Louis Cozzolino captured a heated exchange between a server named Sandra and a problem customer.

Although the video starts too late into the conversation to hear what exactly the man was saying, it was apparently bad enough that Sandra said, "Honestly, nobody wants to wait on you. I'm asking you nicely, could you please just leave? That's it."

She also noted that since he was getting kicked out, he had already gotten a free cup of coffee out of them.

That said, Sandra did run down a brief list of what the man did that explains why the people at Cozzolino's table applauded her actions.

In her words, "You're not going to call me a [expletive], you're not going to sit near my boss's wife, you're not going to call people lesbians and you sure as hell ain't gonna look at underage girls."

And when the man tried to deny this last part, she told him that he deserved to be locked up at Bellevue, referring to Bellevue Hospital's past specialization as a psychiatric facility.

And based on the reception the full video has received, it did the hearts of many some good to see someone say what so many more servers out there have always wanted to.

As one commenter put it, "Normalize servers demanding to be treated like human beings!"

Others were stunned by the idea of a customer trying to go head-to-head with a hardened New Yorker, while some users were amused that Sandra kept saying "I'm asking you nicely" after unloading on him.

And since about 7 million people clearly liked what they saw here, Cozzolino didn't let the day pass without giving them a part two.

In this follow-up, Sandra continued to admonish the man for what he had said about lesbians and young children, and called out to her other customers to back her up when she said that nobody wanted him there.

And while someone at Cozzolino's table agreed, the man started to claim that was denied service for no reason two weeks prior.

His behavior that day convinced Sandra this wasn't true. So much so that she not only offered to serve him, but give him a free dinner and $50 if he could prove it.

From the sounds of things, he didn't get much further after that.

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