Girl Sheds Tears After Meeting Baby Brother For The First Time In Sweet Video

When parents welcome a second child into their family, it's always a toss-up as to how their older sibling will react to their presence.

For some, a new sibling isn't such welcome news as kids will feel they need to compete with the baby for their parents' attention and start to resent them for it.

But others will get just as excited as their parents and when that child arrives, the tenderness they can show even moments after a new birth takes place is often enough to make complete strangers cry.

And that goes a long way to explain why so many people are so touched by a heartwarming video that captures a little girl meeting her brother for the first time.

On October 28, Yaneke Arrington of Rosedale, New York posted a video to Instagram and TikTok that depicted their daughter Savannah's first meeting with her two-day-old brother Nas.

And if it wasn't already adorable enough to see her cuddle up with the baby, it's clear from the very start of the video that this is a deeply powerful moment for her as she's already in tears.

And in between attempts to wipe them away, Savannah shows how much she already dotes on her brother by adjusting his little mittens and briefly holding his hand.

As Arrington wrote in the description of her Instagram post, "My two heartbeats! This was the day Nas came home."

Naturally, she was ecstatic to see that her little ones were bonding so closely.

And it seems that little Nas is already showing how much he loves his big sister as well.

Because at one point, he reaches up and seems to try and wipe one of Savannah's tears for her.

In their mom's words, "He was 2 days old and was so into his sister! Savannah was so in love."

And you can see all that for yourself here in the full video, which has amassed over 374,000 likes at the time of this writing.

We never know how siblings will end up getting along as they grow older, but it's hard not to have a good feeling about these two.

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