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Bride Freaks After Being Shamed For Asking Guests To Dress Based On Their Weight

When it comes to weddings, there is the dreaded B-word: Bridezilla.

These are brides whose behavior when planning their wedding is demanding and absurd. She may ask her bridesmaids to dye their hair so she can be the only blonde one.

Or she may be like this one bride who asked her guests to dress based on their weight...

One bride is showing off her worst colors.

In a post that's since gone viral, the wife-to-be made ridiculous dress code demands to her guests.

She wrote that she's giving them a year and a half notice to pick out something nice.

This is so they can "create an incredible visual effect."

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This is supposed to make their synchronized dancing (yes, really) really pop on the Hawaiian beach.

Sounds fake? Well, it's very, very true.

Then came the dress code BASED on people's weight.

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Women 100 to 160 pounds were asked to wear a green velvet sweater, orange suede pants, Louboutin heels, and a Burberry scarf.

She wrote that the red bottoms of the designer heels will stand out during the dance number.

This hideous outfit comes on a not-so-pretty cost. For reference, Louboutin heels typically start at $695 and go all the way up to $6,000!

On that same note, a Burberry scarf typically costs around $600.

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The men got it a lot cheaper. Those 100 to 200 pounds were asked to wear a purple fuzzy jacket, soda hat, all-white trainers, and plain glow sticks.

So, basically, NOTHING that matches whatsoever.

Women over 160 pounds were basically asked not to be there.

They were asked to wear all black, including black heels. Meanwhile, men 200 pounds and up were asked to wear camouflage and black sneakers.

As for the children, they were told to wear red from head to toe to form the shape of a heart.

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As if those demands weren't enough, the guests were asked to bring a change of clothing that's valued at AT LEAST 1,000 dollars.

Because spending 1,500 on the dance outfit wasn't enough!

"Remember ladies and gents, this wedding is 24k themed for a reason. You have a year and a half to get working. No excuses! Muah," the bride concluded her post.

After a guest leaked her post, it didn't take long for her post to go viral.

"Has anyone considered how awful this color scheme is?" one Redditor asked.

Let's also not forget that they will be dancing in these outfits under THE HAWAIIAN SUN. It doesn't get more sweaty than that.

Someone even decided to illustrate what the bride's ~vision~ looks like.


"Is the ]incredible visual effect' the bride is trying to create with a green, orange, purple, black, red and camo color scheme a seizure?" this Redditor wrote. We were wondering that ourselves.

Some commentors were glad they're fat.

"I'm glad I am fat. I would be invisible against a dark background, like the sea and starry sky. Oh wait... I would not go. She could politely bog off," one wrote.


We would purposely gain weight to avoid spending money on her hideous outfit.

Anyway, the bride ended up releasing a second ridiculous post after her first one went viral.

In this one, she was deadset on finding the person who leaked her list of demands.

She also explained why the color scheme was so important to her work as a psychic.

This just keeps getting worse and worse. In the end, the bride did go through with her "polygraph party."

Her "former friend" Stephanie ended up confessing to leaking the post online, which results in her being kicked out of the wedding.

But let's be honest:

Stephanie is the real winner here. She doesn't have to attend this ridiculous wedding, so let's raise a toast to that!