Former Starbucks Worker Claims Company Took Credit For Employees Donation To The Troops

There's no denying we can never do enough to help give back to the brave men and women who fight every day to protect our freedoms. This is why I'm always eager to support companies who support our troops — it's only right! As you may know, Starbucks is a company that has donated a lot of coffee to troops, however, one viral TikTok is claiming the initiative isn't always as it seems.

There are many reasons people either love, or hate, Starbucks with a burning passion.

I have always loved Starbucks well, its delicious and it's literally on every corner in my city. Their recipes have become so familiar to me that now I only want coffee that tastes like a Brown Sugar Shaken Oat Espresso, or a Sugar Cookie Latte.

However, after seeing a viral video posted by a former Starbucks barista, i'm having my doubts about supporting this chain.

Unsplash | Angela Bailey

TikTok user @meanychristiney has gained over 1 million views on a video where she alledges that Starbucks took credit for her and her fellow co-workers' initiative to help benefit American troops.

Staring the video, Christine says: "A lot of you want to know why I hate Starbucks after working there for 10 years, Well, here's one example."

"Starbucks does everything for PR. Everything. They don't care about anyone. They don't care about anything.

She explained that "5 or 10" years ago, Starbucks made an announcement that they had donated 20,000 bags of coffee to the troops in Iraq.

However, it wasn't the company that donated that coffee, it was the employees.

"Starbucks partners get one free bag a week as part of our benefits, and what we did was, we donated our weekly coffee mark out to the troops," Christine says in the viral video.

"But Starbucks didn’t say anything about that!" she added.

Christine goes on to say that's just one of many publicity stunts Starbucks has done to appeal to the public.

Well, it's clear we can't believe everything we hear from billion-dollar coperations!

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