Parents Are Using Starbucks Snowman Cookies For Their Baby's Festive Photos

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year for a reason. People love the snow. People love Christmas drinks and snacks at Starbucks. And of course, people love babies dressed in festive gear. Now, imagine if we were to mix all these things together to create the ultimate holiday photo? Well, a lot of brilliant parents already have and the results are absolutely adorable.

Starbucks and Christmas go together like peanut butter and jelly, Like Santa and the elves. Like me and iced coffee.

Unsplash | Nand Shah

Naturally, many people's holiday traditions involve this festive coffee shop's treats. For example, I always have to get a Creme Brulee latte and a snowflake cookie when I go Black Friday shopping.

However, it seems the latest Christmas trend involves a Starbucks snowman cookie and BABIES!

The sweet pic trick, which started back in 2019, has been making its rounds on social media again.

The trend involves biting off the top snowball of the classic Starbucks cookie and using the rest to cover a festive looking baby.

I think this is probably the cutest trend I've ever seen in my life.

Look, I'm very close to making my best friends doing this for me and my own Christmas photo shoot because this is just too cute.

Now don't mine me, I'm off to Starbucks!