Dog Gets Adopted After 2-Hour Haircut Removes Pounds Of Severely Matted Fur

There are a lot of rescue animals in this world and while there are also a lot of caring people willing to adopt them, matching them together isn't always an easy feat.

But sometimes, we can see that some critters have a knack for standing out from the pack. And whether it's because how of sweet they've managed to remain after all they've been through or the resilience they show after leaving a seriously unhealthy situation, these animals can often inspire people to give them a good home.

And as we can see from the story of one dog who overcame some overwhelming neglect, the transformations they go through after they're rescued can help tell their stories for them in a powerful way.

Back in mid-June, Simon the 11-year-old Shih Tzu was brought to the KC Pet Project animal shelter after being discovered in Kansas City, Missouri.

As a representative from the shelter said in a video posted to Facebook, Simon had one of the worst cases of matted fur they've ever seen as the overgrowth was dense enough to make him weigh about 20 pounds.

With that in mind, the shelter's staff could only speculate on how long he had to live like this.

But as they wrote, "One thing we know for sure is that life is about to get so much better for this boy."

As KSHB reported, that was only possible thanks to KC Pet Project's veterinary staff, who sedated the dog before spending two hours shaving what would turn out to be six-and-a-half pounds of matted fur from his body.

But since it was caked so heavily onto his body, they had no way of knowing what condition his skin would be in once they were done.

Yet while Simon would need some dental surgery, his overall condition was a pleasant surprise.

According to KSHB, the worst that the veterinary team could say about his skin was that it was a little dry and they were satisfied with how healthy Simon was overall.

And while the shelter tried to track down his original owner, they also received dozens of requests to adopt him.

By July 6, one of those offers was accepted and Simon went home with the couple we see here.

As a representative from the shelter wrote in a Facebook post, he will also have three other Shih Tzus to play with. And since they're all named after X-Men characters, the couple decided to rename him Logan.

In their words, "Our little guy is such a sweetheart. We both knew as soon as we saw that video that he belongs with us. And the second we laid eyes on him in person, we were both all in."

h/t: KSHB