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Hilarious Christmas Gift Mix Up Between Mother And Daughter Is Giving Me Holiday Cheer

With the holidays upon us, many of us are looking for things to give our friends and family. Some people are very hard to shop for, like our parents.

What do you get the people who have gotten everything for you and also raised you to be the strong, successful, and independent person you are today? Rather hard, no? Definitely.

There are always generic gifts we end up getting our parents.

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Many of us end up getting them generic gifts and we get bored with the same old, same old every year.

If I told you how many scarves I got my mom over the years because I wasn't sure what to get her or what she would like.

So, we try to get a bit more creative.

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Knowing that our parents deserve the world, many of us try to get them some more creative and sweet, sentimental gifts for them to take a load off and relax a bit with.

However, some parents need more explaining than others.

Recently, one daughter shared the story of a gift she had given her mom for the holidays.

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Wanting to get her mom something festive and special, she got her mom a very nice gift.

And while her mom tried using it she realized that the gift wasn't working properly. So, she texted her daughter about it to nicely tell her.

The gift in question? Here they are:

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These Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer wax melts are adorable and perfect for lighting on candle tops and relaxing.

Not only are they adorable, but they are wonderful to use to get into the festive season.

However, her mom didn't realize they were candle wax melts.

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The mom in question texted her daughter to thank her, not for wax melts, but for soap.

But, she explained that when she tried to use the soaps, there were some issues in question. She said that the soap "smells lovely" but there's "too much wax" on the outside and they don't "foam."

The daughter was a tad confused.

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The daughter was confused by her mom's text, as she clearly did not get her mom soap. So, she asked if it was about the Rudolphs she had given to her mom.

Her mom said it was, and she was in hysterics telling her they weren't soap, but wax melts.

The mom said she knew it was off!

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Laughing, she said that she couldn't believe it, but also kept trying because they smelled so good, they could be soaps.

She was giving up on them and was going to just hang them and use them as scented ornaments after a while.

People online thought it was too funny.

People on Facebook thought it was absolutely hilarious and funny to hear that the mom didn't know they were wax melts.

But, even funnier she kept trying to get the "soap" to foam and lather.

Some had similar stories to share about their own gift giving gone wrong.

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One person said,

"Gave my mum 'gingerbread latte' liquid for her vape last year. She thought it was syrup for coffee, so drank it. Few days later she said to me 'oh you know that syrup you got me, it's not very nice, had a couple of sips and couldn't drink the rest.'"

Thank goodness she didn't drink it all!

Another shared a similar "soap" story.

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"Someone I know was bought a massage bar from Lush but thought it was soap so was slipping all over the place in the bath. Her skin looked and felt amazing after though," said the Facebook user.

And, this grandpa had a bad treat.

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"My grandad took a bite out of a bar of soap once and told my nan he didn't think much of the Turkish delight she'd bought," said another commenter on the group.

Sometimes, we should ask, "What is it" when he get a gift!