People Are Praising Target's Inclusive Holiday Collection for Featuring A Black Santa

Ah, Target. The most magical place on Earth.

One of the best places within that magical place is Target's Wondershop, where all holiday things come to sparkle and shine. This year, the shop has something new and exciting: inclusive wrapping paper, featuring Black Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Let's check out what they have to offer this holiday season!

Target has inclusive holidays on lock this year.


Not only do they have tons of Christmas bags and decor featuring Black characters, they actually collaborated with Black artists to bring those characters to life! From Santa and Mrs. Claus to excited kids on Christmas morning, there's a design for everyone!

Black Santa is ADORABLE.

Look at that happy face! Santa here actually has a glitter hat to top off his festive holiday look. This is part of Target's red/black/white/silver collection, which features tons of fun styles in that color palette.

My favorite is Mrs. Claus.

Doesn't she just radiate comfort and happiness? I love the little blush on her cheeks! I just know she bakes the best cookies at the North Pole. Check out Mrs. Claus here!

They also have an artist collab available for purchase!

Target teamed up with Brittany "Bea" Jackson to create some adorable holiday cheer! Her illustrations feature adorable little girls enjoying opening presents, drinking hot chocolate, and playing in the snow! Ugh, my heart.

Twitter LOVED the wrapping paper.

After Twitter user @mskaybelle posted about the wrapping people, Twitter went wild! Her post gained over 21,000 likes — Target, when are you paying her for this advertising?

It's sad that stuff like this used to be hard to come by.

Thankfully, some stores are catching up with the rest of us and realizing it's good to include everyone, you know? I know, I know. They should have been here ages ago, but at least they're here now.

People also had some really wholesome conversations in the replies.

I also have a mixed niece, and I'll totally be looking to find some inclusive wrapping paper for her! It's the little things that help kids love the skin they're in. And since Santa is a fictional character, he should be for all kids!

Turns out, it's not just Target.

In case you don't leave near or Target — or want a different design — you can hit up Hallmark for some cute designs! They also have a whole range of bags and paper.

How exciting is this?

I love the inclusivity of this wrapping paper, even if it does feel a little silly to be excited about something so small. However, it's those small things that lead to big changes!