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Open-Heart Surgery Survivor Wins $1 Million On Lottery Ticket In Get-Well Card

After having undergone open-heart surgery, one Massachusetts man recently had quite the stroke of luck while recovering from a severe surgical procedure.

In a story that has been warming hearts across the internet, Alexander McLeish's life has been massively changed not only by his life-saving surgery but by a lottery ticket that was given to him inside of a get-well card.

Alexander McLeish was given three lottery tickets by a friend while recovering from open-heart surgery.

Unsplash | Olga Kononenko

The tickets that Mr McLeish received included a 'Cashword instant ticket game,' according to the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission.

One of the three tickets that he received just happened to be worth a great deal of money!

Even though Mr McLeish only won the second highest prize, he still won a staggering one million dollars!

As Mr McLeish scratched off letters on his scratch-card to see if he had won a prize, the first three letters that he scratched off were actually his initials.

This was a pretty good omen, especially considering what happened next.

Amazingly, the letters which he scratched off along the bottom of his card also spelt the word "Heart."

Unsplash | jesse orrico

Mr McLeish has since claimed his prize money in the form of a one-time cash payment. The store from which the ticket was purchased will also receive a $10, 000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

This is also not the first time that Mr. McLeish has won on the lottery!

Previously, Mr McLeish won $1,000 on the lottery. However, what is staggering is that his previous winning ticket was also a gift from a friend of his, last time it being a birthday present — and it was from the same friend!

There is no word yet on whether Mr McLeish's friend will get a cut of the winnings!

Clearly we all need to get Mr McLeigh's friend to buy us all lottery tickets!

His friend must be one lucky person...or one hell of an unlucky person depending on how you look at it!

h/t: Massachusetts State Lottery Commission

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