20 Pics That Had Us Chuckling While Sat In The Agonisingly Long Queue At The DMV

There is nothing worse than sitting in an agonisingly tedious waiting room and trying to find a way to kill some time. Well, don't worry, we've got you covered sunshine!

So, from people who made Jesus look like a chump to individuals who just couldn't quite grasp reality, here are 20 pics that had us chuckling while sat in the agonisingly long queue at the DMV.

"No dents for this guy. The cones are a nice touch."

And yet, despite all of this faffing, they still managed to stay inside of their parking space's lines. My God, I know a lot of people who could learn a thing or two from this individual!

"Time to steal me some kisses."

So, if you are looking to make your house look more Christmassy but don't have nay mistletoe to hand, you can always hang up a missile toad instead! It's much more Christmassy as well when you think about it.

"I think my son is a little on the greedy side."

This is the Christmas equivalent of Harry Potter saying, "We'll take the lot!" in the Philosopher's Stone. Did he ever think about how that would mean that no one else would have any sweets?!

"This is the best real life ad for sunglasses."

This guy looks as though he has already been out on the ale for far too long! Amazing how a single pair of sunglasses can either help make you look super hungover or save you from that same fate given the circumstances.

"I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly."

All that I can see in this picture now is a load of angry pigeons. I feel as though they are going to say to me, in unison, "And just what time do you call this?!"

"Creator of this trophy did not earn the trophy."

I think that I would actually prefer to buy the upside-down one. I know that if someone were to get me one of these then the one that was wrong would be a much more fitting trophy at least!

This Goalkeeper Has Incredibly Long Arms!

I think that having a goalkeeper with such massive arms must be against the rules, right? Who is going to be able to score passed arms like those after all? If he is allowed to play then he'll be the most sought-after keeper on Earth!

"Just a normal gigantic raised house."

This is actually, as someone informed me, a giant birdhouse that these two people are stood in front of. However, there is something about the perspective that really makes it look like a giant house on a stick in the background!

Don't Event Think About It!

I like how this sign reads as though this house's owner has been bitten by their own dog a whole host of times. I can't help but feel as though they kind of want someone to get bitten so they can say, "Told ya!"

"I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the father."

At least they both look very happy, so why judge who he is going to kiss once the ceremony has been finished! Let these people live their damn life, okay! Jeez!

"I am 34 years old."

I did think that this person may not have managed to get out of this once they had just about struggled their way in, but they did eventually escape. They also added, "It was an even 'struggle' entering and exiting."

"No mask, no problem. I have an idea, just wait in the car!"

I am going to tell myself that these were completely clean underpants. I know that there is no way of knowing that for sure but please let me live in my world of ignorance!

"Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused."

As far as confusing photos go, this one is one of the best that I have seen. I hope that this poor guy managed to get his jumbled-up feet back the right way around!

"It is a straight line... Change my mind!"

I mean, the crack is probably a straight line if anything is! I think that there is plenty of opportunity to use this new crack in the road method to people's advantage. Most road are full of cracks anyway!

"A hole on a door at my work looks like something out of a movie."

I absolutely love this. There would be no way that I would get a door like this even fixed! Well, unless it was my front door, that would be a bit of a safety risk.

Simply The Best Name For A Cafe.

This cafe is apparently found in Malaysia. However, I think that every cafe should be called this on behalf of ever single barista on the planet. My God, they hear some insane stuff.

That Seems To Have Fixed The Problem!

I love that they didn't just put an actual plaster on there, but they went out and got a proper car-sized plaster to stick on the side of their car. That is care for your vehicle!

"My magnet at work is getting in the holiday spirit with its Santa beard."

This picture really creeped me out at first as I had no idea what I was looking at. Although, it is pretty cute now that I see what's going on!

"If you weren't convinced that 2021 was the end of times, Jesus is back and he's ready to ride, bitches."

Pfft, you would think that Jesus could at least pop a sick wheelie while he was on his way to warn us of the end of days? You know, spice it up a bit.

"This packaging for walnuts at a German supermarket."

I do not know who had this packaging idea in the marketing department, but whoever it was needs a raise. It's pretty nuts that no one thought of doing this before...and I'm sorry.