Book A Stay In The Grinch's Cave This Christmas To Escape All The Noise, Noise, Noise

Are you one of those people who like to get away for the holidays? I'm sure you're not the only one. But forget staying at some high-end resort or going to Paris this year.

Oh no, I've got something much better for you, my friend. How about staying at the one and only Grinch's lair? Huh? Do I have your attention now?

I bet I do, ha, ha!

Unsplash | Chad Madden

Okay, so let me tell you all about this special place. First of all, I know it's strange that the Grinch is letting people stay at his home. I guess he's just feeling a little generous this year.

Apparently, his residence is located high above Whoville just outside Boulder, Utah.

Unsplash | Joshua Sukoff

And now you can rent it out through a vacation rental company called Vacasa. Holy, moly! Can you even believe that? That is so cool. Isn't it, haha?

And get this.

The entire 5,700 square-foot two-bedroom cave is decked with all of Grinch's favorite things and his dog's, too. We're talking Who hash, roast beast, and Who pudding.

But remember — this is a real cave so you might still need to bring your own food. Oh, and the coffee maker makes the best worst macchiato on earth.

So why is the Grinch lending out his precious pad?

Well, as you might have guessed it he's getting the heck out of town before all the sickening fa-la-la-la-la can really get on his nerves.

So where is he going?

We don't really know, but word on the street is that he'll be relaxing in his Florida beach house. Oh, must be nice, huh? But don't be jealous. Just enjoy your stay at this cozy place.

I don't think you'll get bored here.

After all, you can play sad songs on his pipe organ and bang on Max’s drum set till the wee hours of the morning. I don't know about you, but I like the sound of that.

Or you can curl up in bed and watch scary Christmas movies.

That's a lovely idea. Isn't it? But don't plan on using your computer while you're there. The Grinch isn't chipping in on internet connection any time soon, okay?

So you'll have to rely on entertaining yourself.

I suggest you bring a friend so you both can keep each other company by the toasty fireplace.

This multi-level, carved-out cave home has one main bedroom, a guest bedroom, and two fully functional, flushable bathrooms so you're good to go there.

Here's what you need to keep in mind.

Bookings open up on Dec. 3, and you can only stay between December 13–23. And with that, the Grinch would like to bid you farewell with a note that's pretty typical of his character, hee-hee.