10-Year-Old Boy Makes And Sells his Own Cakes To Pay For Reconstruction Surgery

It's always impressive when kids master skills at young ages, but hearing about their talents becomes more bittersweet when we learn that they're the main thing getting these children out of tough situations.

There's a temptation among a lot of adults to underestimate children but every now and then, we hear stories about them showing incredible courage in the face of perils that would intimidate most people of any age.

And while it's hard not to feel that life is unfair when we see a child experience a life-changing injury or disease, that unfairness makes the tremendous strength that we can see from the affected children all the more impressive.

And those are exactly the sentiments that one young boy's journey has inspired after he experienced a severe accident.

About three years ago, 10-year-old Joaquín Nahuel of Argentina received serious burns throughout 25% of his body after an ill-fated idea.

In a social media statement translated from Spanish by Bored Panda, he said, "I was playing with my brother, it was my mother's birthday, we took the alcohol and threw it on the grill and we both caught fire."

But it was Nahuel who caught the brunt of the fallout, as his arms, neck, and face would suffer the worst of the burns and scars.

According to his mother Raquel, Nahuel now needs four skin expanders for his facial reconstruction surgery to take place and they cost $500 each.

But recently, it seems that the solution to this problem has come in the form of his passion for baking that he attributes to his grandfather teaching him how to make cakes and other pastries.

Along with his cakes, he also bakes muffins, donuts and mini-cakes to raise the money he needs for his surgery.

And his story has caught on among well-wishers online both due to the goal he's working towards and the impressive skill he's shown in creating and decorating his confections.

And it seems he's starting to get some recognition at home as well since he announced last week that one of his cakes was purchased by the Boca Juniors players, an Argentinian soccer team.

And while that's quite an achievement for the 10 year old, it seems he's being humble about it as he wrote, "I hope you enjoyed it and if not, I promise the next one will be better."

Hopefully, this will be a big help to getting the rest of the money.

h/t: Bored Panda

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