20 Shocking People Whose Ideas Were So Far Out The Box, They Couldn't See The Box

Some people are blessed with the ability to think outside of the normal constraints that most people are beholden to. However, sometimes this ability can lead people into less-than-ideal situations.

From people who made the roads a more dangerous place to individuals who made parking spaces utterly hilarious, here are 20 shocking people whose ideas were so far out the box, they couldn't see the box!

Have A Very Flamingo-y Christmas Everyone!

I have definitely seen worse Christmas trees out there that's for sure. I hope that they like flamingos — although, it would be very weird if someone had put this up but couldn't stand flamingos.

"I was served oranges, orange juice while in hospital, even though they have me down as allergic to citrus."

Look, there is thinking outside of the box and then there is trying to open up hospital beds by killing off the patients! It's a pretty cutthroat idea!

"No dents for this guy. The cones are a nice touch as well."

Never underestimate how much people will ding your car when you are in a multi-storey. This person even managed to keep their car and their paraphernalia inside of the space, most people could learn a lesson from this!

Did They Really Think This Was A Good Idea?

"After 8 hours of class everyone comes back to the dorm only to find new locks and finger scanners on the doors and none of the staff know the codes or how we can get into our rooms," wrote the person who posted.

Pack A Packet Of Pickles In Your Picturesque Pickle Purse!

Yep, I would absolutely walk around with one of these. I think that they should also make a backpack version. Apparently this wonderful creation was made by an artist known as Travis Mullins.

"The 'Cool bus' on my local marketplace."

I do not know why they decided to put up some pictures of this thing at night, that only makes it look creepy. Why did anyone ever make this? And how long must it have taken?!

"Lobster flip flops. 10/10 would wear."

There is something about the little beady eyes that make these look even more hilarious than they already are. I really want to know how comfortable they are as well...or how uncomfortable they are!

"This Walgreens is in an old bank."

This looks like something out of the Fallout videogame series! Christ, I know that things are looking bad at the moment but they are not this bad surely? Better get inside anyway, better to be safe than sorry!

"When you need to burn trash quickly and efficiently."

There is something inherently unsettling about anyone who needs to be burning "trash" that fast! Although, I wouldn't want to go lifting the lid off it to check what was inside!

"That's a new way to do it."

Another individual warily pointed out, and brace yourselves for this: "All fun and games until you put that sweater over yourself and it rips those out. Source: my dumb ass 15 years ago with my eyebrow piercing."

"These salt & pepper shakers that my aunt keeps on her shelf."

"And you know what the best thing is? They smell like real feet! Here, have a whiff!"

"Aunty, I really don't think they are meant to be smelling like that..."

"Does anyone want a slice of pizza?"

They are actually pretty well put together overall. However, I bet they feel horrible to the touch. The little pepperoni one is particularly unsettling and I cannot quite figure out why that is.

Looks Like They Will Be Getting Infinite Range With This Bad Boy!

It is great that they have also managed to make the car more efficient without having to compromise on the vehicle's aesthetics! It still looks as sleek and cool as it always did!

"Meanwhile in Australia…"

If the choice came to having to wear those lobster flip flops for a whole day or scratching my back with one of these, I think that I would have to go with wearing the flip flops!

This Peaky Blinders Tattoo...

Look, there is no denying that this tattoo was incredibly well done, it must have taken some real skill to create such an amazing likeness of Cillian Murphy. However, why would you ever want this on your body?

"The close-door button fell off, revealing that it was never connected to the control panel."

"So, your plan to minimise issues that people are having in the elevator was to simply not connect the buttons?"

"Yeah. Look, I'll admit that it wasn't one of my better options, okay?"

"The circle is complete..."

Are we returning to the days when people had landline phones again? Christ I hope not. I hated the landline ringing, having to move to answer the phone feels so archaic!

"My wife eats apples from the bottom… Including the core."

But, how did she ever decide that this was the best way to eat an apple? There must surely be an explanation in there somewhere? I just for the life of me cannot see what it is!

"People who think it's ok to drive like this in the winter."

It would take less than thirty seconds to clear that off, and yet they decided to drive with it anyway. It is a worrying testament to how often they check their mirrors!

"What Thanksgiving dessert starts with a K!?"

I am assuming that they meant for the word to be "pie"? Or maybe the people who make this have invented "kie," which is like pie except for the fact that it's all crust.

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