Wife Asks If She Overreacted After Husband Wants Her To Dance For Him

One thing we can often see in stories of marital conflict is that it doesn't take long for people to get used to living in an unfair situation.

Whether they're so wrapped up in their own days that they don't notice how serious their partner's was or they've grown accustomed to doing no work around the house, it's easy for some partners to look at the status quo and decide that everything's fine.

But in the meantime, the more put-upon partner certainly notices and the longer this status quo continues, the easier it is for resentment to build until it finally explodes.

And as we'll soon see, that explosion doesn't always happen in private, nor is a spouse always willing to hear what comes out from it.

Before she got into what happened, the mom we're about to hear from said she's a nurse who has three kids.

While she was attending a Thanksgiving dinner with her husband's family, she said that her brother-in-law mentioned that his new girlfriend has taken to dancing for him every night after she gets home from Zumba classes.

Since she put both of those terms in quotes, she seems to be implying that the affair is sexier than it sounds, which made the men at the table take special notice.

But after the brother-in-law talked about it more, the woman's husband suddenly threw his fork and asked her why she doesn't dance for him every night.

At first, she thought he was joking but became stunned when she found out this wasn't the case. To make matters worse, his cousin apparently started sarcastically singing the song "Dance Monkey."

As she told it, this led her to snap at her husband and reveal that after she gets home from work, she then cooks, cleans multiple rooms, does dishes and puts her youngest to bed before dealing with her "demanding" kids and husband.

In her words, "God what a terrible wife I must be to not find time to dance."

This made the whole table quiet until the husband's brother-in-law (who apparently hates him) jeered him about what she said.

As the woman put it, "My husband's face was so pale he just told everyone after noticing how awkward things got that he needed a minute outside."

Soon after, he yelled at her for embarrassing him in front of his family and making Thanksgiving awkward. And by the time they got home, he apparently "shut down completely."

But while his stepmom has since told the wife she did the right thing, she noted that this woman also hates her husband. Thus, she still feels guilty and believes she mishandled the situation.

But while some agreed she shouldn't have aired out her grievances in front of everyone, others thought those people were minimizing the husband's role in this problem.

As one person put it, "How infuriating and entitled. He put you on the spot and then got upset when you flipped the script. He wouldn't have anything to be embarrassed about and you wouldn't have had anything to complain about if he was pulling his weight as a father and husband."

And although we don't have an answer for why this is, others thought it was suspicious that the husband seems so unpopular in his own family.

As one user said, "Maybe it's time to take note on why so many family members hates your husband."

Ultimately, most people simply thought the husband played a stupid game and won a stupid prize.

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