Win Your Christmas Party With A Sweet Candy Cane Charcuterie Board


Christmas is just a few weeks away, and I'm sure you're already thinking of that holiday dinner spread. Am I right? Well, if you're looking for a festive appetizer, charcuterie boards are the way to go.

After all, they offer so many options to please everyone. But wait, this year, instead of the holiday wreath design, I've got another festive idea for you. Check it out.

Okay, so did you make a charcuterie board last year?

Unsplash | Erik Dungan

If so, how did you decorate it? Did you come up with a unique design, or did you steal some concepts of Pinterest? Ha, ha! Well, hold on to your seat because this next idea is super cute.

It seems that last year was the year of charcuterie wreath boards.

I admit I like that idea, but this year I present to you the candy cane board. Oh, yeah! And there are lots of cool styles you can implement here.

Are you listening?

The idea is pretty simple, and all you have to do is arrange your items in a candy cane pattern. To make this process even easier, get a board already shaped like a candy cane, and voilà! There you go.

Isn't that so pretty or what?

Or you can do something as cool as this. Aha! I totally dig this concept here. I love how they used a combination of fruits and vegetables and a real candy cane as the decoration.

Whether you're into a meat display or you're a cheese lover, this can work for you.

I dig how this person here made a sort of a bocconcini salad. So their idea was to showcase everything that typically goes into making it.

Heres's another super festive idea.

This time they used a Santa-themed tray to display their items. That can work too, huh? So you see, there are plenty of cool ideas out there. And you can always put your own spin on it.

And how nice does that look, huh?

This crafty person even made the salami look like roses. Wow! That's really special, no? I wouldn't have come up with that idea myself. But now that I see it, I really love it.

Last but definitely not least I present to you this.

Isn't it such a simple concept that also packs a punch, no? I'm really into how they arranged all of the items here. Everything looks so delicious that I want to get my hands on it ASAP.

What did I tell you?

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Isn't this candy cane-inspired charcuterie board the ultimate festive appetizer? I think so. I'm pretty sure that when you offer this up to your family and friends, they will be very impressed. And it doesn't even require any cooking skills either, hee-hee.