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Mommy Needs Vodka's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Filled With Stuff You'll Actually Want For Christmas

Hello guys and gals — welcome to the most important 2021 Holiday Gift Guide you'll see all year! On this list, there are no children's toys, no mention of Elf on a Shelf, and trust me — this list has nothing to do with milk and cookies. This list is for all the hard-working mamas out there who deserve something to make them feel special. To remind them that they're not alone. To prove that the #VodSquad is more than just a hashtag — it's a way of life.

We're so excited to share these gifts with you all that we're offering free shipping on ALL U.S. orders until Dec 15, 2021 — just use code jinglejuice at checkout! Sounds fabulous, right?!

Now, without further ado, here is the official Mommy Needs Vodka 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

I'm a big believer in eating dessert for dinner, so in the spirit of starting with the best, please refer to our BEST SELLING t-shirts!

Mommy Needs Vodka

Now I finally have a favorite reindeer to tell my kid when he asks me who my favorite is for the third time today — "Forget Rudolph, mommy's favorite reindeer is Vodka, sweetie!"

There are few things I love more than a t-shirt that describes how I'm feeling before I even have to say it, and this "Mommy Needs Jingle Juice" shirt will let my hubby know I need a glass of Pinot Grigio ASAP!

Speaking of my hubby, I know what I'm getting the #1 man in my life and now, you will too!

Mommy Needs Vodka

Here at Mommy Needs Vodka, we're all about teamwork because, as we all know, it truly makes the dream work — especially during the holidays! So for Christmas this year, why not treat your man to a "Just Another Sexy-Ass Bald Guy" t-shirt from our friends at The Pun Guys?!

Of course you'll have to remind your hubby he's not just any sexy bald guy, he's your sexy bald guy —awwwww!

After taking care of everyone else, you're going to want to snuggle up and relax in this totally adorable MNV robe!

Mommy Needs Vodka

Don't worry if you eat 5 slices of cheesecake at Christmas dinner, because these robes fit generously, meaning you'll be able to slip in and out of it with ease as you pick up shredded wrapping paper and take calls from all 14 of your aunts.

As you can see, that robe has pockets, and we all know what pockets are good for... FLASKS, of course! What did you think I was going to say? Wallets? Keys? Absolutely not.

Mommy Needs Vodka

There is something effortlessly classic about taking a swig of vodka from a flask — even if it's at 11 am in front of your in-laws at Christmas brunch.

In fact, now that I'm thinking about it, you should totally buy one for your uptight AF mother-in-law, too!

What's that? Your mother-in-law is more of a Chardonnay drinker? Well don't you worry, we've got her covered, too!

Mommy Needs Vodka

She and her best friend Meredith can drink their favorite vino in these stunning stemless wine glasses that are sure to make their festive hangouts both merry and bright!

After all those fabulous drinks, you may need a little help waking up. Enter: the coffee cup that's the size of your head.

Mommy Needs Vodka

This Jumbo Holiday Spirit mug is perfect for cozy Christmas morning sipping!

It's also great for hiding your eye rolls as you let your husband take credit for the kids' Christmas gifts even though he's just as surprised as they are when they open them...

That reminds me, I've got to jot down a list of things for my hubby to pick up from the store for our Christmas party!

Mommy Needs Vodka

These pretty pink scratch pads are perfect for writing down a detailed grocery list filled with things your hubby will surely forget to buy even though you wrote. it. all. down. for him.

When the holidays get (inevitably) stressful, the #VodSquad has always got each other to lean on for a laugh or two.

Mommy Needs Vodka

However, when you shut off your phone, your favorite memes can feel far away. Well friends, not anymore. With these new Mommy Needs Vodka coasters your favorite saying can be on your coffee table all day, every day!

Talk about the perfect stocking stuffers for the gals!

Now that I think about it, these compact candles are also PERFECT gifts for your best girlfriends!

Mommy Needs Vodka

Nothing says luxury like a candle. Nothing says "I love you, thank you for being my friend" like letting your besties sniff away at my to-die-for vanilla scented candles — just watch their stress melt away.

I just love all of my candles— I love 'em!

Oh what's that? Your kids just broke 9 of your antique Christmas ornaments? They were running around the tree after you explicitly told them not to?

Mommy Needs Vodka

Don't stress — these ones are way cuter, anyway.

Let your guests know you're ready for the new year with these adorable ornaments that are sure to shine bright, just like you!

Needless to say at this point in the holiday season, you're probably begging for a cocktail.

Mommy Needs Vodka

Why not let everyone know where your priorities are with this "Kauna Ma Vodka" sweatshirt that's sure to be a hit with your friends all year-'round.

If cute sayings are your thing, it's clear to see we've got that covered here at Mommy Needs Vodka.

Mommy Needs Vodka

We're always here to support members of the #VodSquad in their messy bun hair days and times you've been a bit sassier than you should have been, so why not buy a t-shirt that keeps it just as real as you and your girlfriends do?!

At the end of the day, there's a reason Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year... because of the festive cocktails, of course.

Mommy Needs Vodka

Enjoying these cocktails in my ugly (but actually not ugly) Christmas sweater is the perfect solution to all the madness. Imagine wearing this while watching a Hallmark movie, digging into a cheese board with your besties, or wrapping gifts with the kiddos — perfection, if you ask me!

Ultimately, we here at MNV just want all the mamas out there to feel their best, especially during a time when it tends to be about everyone else *but* mom, which is a real shame.

Mommy Needs Vodka

Simply put, moms help make the holidays magical. Moms are there to help wrap gifts and bake cookies. Moms are on the first call on New Years Day, and moms deserve to feel special during the holidays, and every day of the year.

I hope you've enjoyed my 2021 Gift Guide because I've sure enjoyed showing you all the great stuff we've been working on this year, like this adorable onesie.

Happy Holidays and congrats, we've made it through 2021!

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