Woman's Hilarious Amazon Leggings Review Has People Clicking 'Buy It Now'

Amazon reviews are the words that guide us, and sometimes misguide us, in making our online purchases. The most helpful reviews include pictures of the product in action, and one such review has gone viral for its unusual endorsement of a pair of leggings.

What do you wear when you're hiking?

Unsplash | Holly Mandarich

Most people are going to want lightweight, breathable, somewhat stretchy gear if they're going to be exerting themselves. We're about to check out a pair of reasonably priced Amazon leggings that seem to fit the bill.

Here they are.

In the spirit of all long-winded Amazon product titles, these are deep breath "Womens Yoga Running Capris Leggings Workout Pants Tummy Control High Waisted Sports Gym Fitness with Pockets."

They look pretty nice, and the price isn't too bad either.

One mountain climber weighed in on her purchase.

Just the text of the review is hilarious enough. You can see that this is an unusually popular review, too. Incredibly, more than 18,000 Amazon users have marked it as 'helpful.'

Why's it so helpful? Check out the little thumbnails below the review.

Oh, she wasn't kidding.

I don't know who was snapping pics of this tumble rather than helping her, but I'm glad they took these pics all the same. True to the review, the leggings are holding up remarkably well on the tough mountain terrain.

She was okay.

In the second pic of her review, you can see the reviewer rolling over onto her front side and starting to get up again.

My leggings did not rip not even a little bit and I got stuck on rocks and trees.

Is this where Amazon reviews are going?

Wait, a few words and a pic aren't enough? Does the new standard of product reviews include finding embarrassing ways to fail with them and posting the photographic evidence? I mean, if so, I'm here for it.

It struck a chord.

You can see that this review includes a tribute to the original. Nearly a thousand people have marked this one as 'helpful.' I wonder if this guy bought the inexpensive leggings just for this one pic.

Looking good.

Obviously, this one is staged while the originals weren't (at least, I don't think they were). Still, it's hard not to appreciate a good homage, and this is most definitely a good homage. I'd like to see more stress tests with these yoga pants.

Keep the leggings in mind if you plan on falling down a mountain.

They might not protect you from the jagged rocks or the potentially fatal fall. But even if you are badly hurt, you can be certain that those pants are absolutely not going to rip or tear.

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