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A Family Has Gone Viral For Their 'Unblended' Living Situation

Many times in life, you think you meet the one, only to find out they definitely aren't the one you want to spend forever with.

Many people get married more than once in life, despite having families prior to their second marriage. When two people get together and have kids from previous marriages and relationships, we call them "blended families."

"Blended" families are very special.

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Blended families are special because it's literally taking two families and blending them into one.

It's essentially having two people bring their kids together to make a huge, special, diverse, and fun family. Many people try hard to make the blended family situation work best for them.

And, sometimes, making it work can be unconventional.

Shelley Hunt had two children when she met her significant other, Peter Verge. Verge had three children already. So the two, who fell in love, decided to blend their families together into one big happy family.

Except, they live their life a bit different than other blended families.

In a TikTok video, Hunt shared the story of her and her partner's living situation.

Hunt said that she and her partner, who are romantically involved but unmarried, have five children between them.

But, instead of living in one home together, they have a home with two suites in it. Verge lives in his place with his three children, while hunt lives in her suite with her two children.

In a later video, the couple explained why it works for them.

Verge and Hunt said they are both divorced from their previous spouses and both have joint custody of all five kids with their exes on the same schedule.

Basically, it means when Verge's kids are with their mom, Hunt's kids are also with their father. That way, the couple gets alone time together when the kids are with their other parents.

Verge and Hunt even have separate apartment suites.

They said that each suite has enough rooms so that they and their kids all have their own rooms.

Verge takes care of his suite, such as cooking, cleaning, etc., while Hunt takes care of hers as well.

Verge pays more in mortgage and taxes for his suite, however, just due to square footage.

Verge says that he pays 58% of the taxes and mortgage while Hunt pays for 42%, just due to the difference in size and square footage of their suites.

When the kids are gone, they sleep together and stay in one suite together.

Hunt said the situation "works" for them and their kids.

Hunt explained that with both of their kids going through so much change and adjustments, the idea of living together, but separately gives them a sense of normalcy and it works for them completely.

And, the kids love the living situation.

Both Verge and Hunt explain that the kids love that they're all one big family and call each other "step-siblings" without being forced.

They, however, like that they have their own separate space and can have their own time apart, too.

Many people loved the idea and the meaning behind it.

People on TikTok applauded the couple for knowing what is best for them and for their kids.

Some said it's "not forcing" the kids to become one big family before they are ready and let them do things on their own time and terms.

Another shared her situation with her own family.

One mom said that she and her husband live next door to his ex and her new partner, that way the boys can go back and forth as they please whenever they need to.

They all do holidays together, too.

And, one person said what we're all thinking.

While Verge and Hunt use their two suites for their own families, many of us are wondering if we can get a home with two suites so we can dump our husband and kids downstairs when we need some peace and quiet!

Hey, whatever works!