Kat Graham Discusses The Importance Of Pregnancy Prevention And Women's Health Empowerment

There's a reason Kat Graham's ease and friendliness translates to her 7 million Instagram followers. Fans feel they can relate to the 32-year-old because she engages in open and honest conversations about personal issues, like pregnancy prevention.

Diply had the chance to sit down with the actress, and OBGYN Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, to discuss the importance of destigmatizing women's sexual health.

Kat Graham is no stranger to using her large platform for good.

In addition to being known for her role as Bonnie Bennett in the CW series Vampire Diaries, Graham is a UN Refugees Goodwill Ambassador.

"This show that I did for eight years [Vampire Diaries] that was all about this character was all about finding her power," she told us. "And finding her voice or her magic you know and that's been such a theme throughout my life is helping the voiceless and or you know being somebody who's fiercely about empowerment."

It's with this passion and heart that young women look up to the 32-year-old, and it's a responsibility that Graham takes seriously.

"I feel like in 2020, when everything kind of hit, I wanted to be somebody that was going to not just stand up for women, children, and IDP refugees, but I wanted to be somebody that stood behind their messaging as well and didn't just fight for their rights for protection, education, and health, but somebody who also said women's health is important and has to have a platform," she explained.

Part of her decision to speak up for women's rights is to be open about how she prevents pregnancy.

"I was already having these conversations privately with my doctor," Graham explained, emphasizing that she loves learning from experts.

"I realized I don't know what I don't know and if I don't know something how am I going to help other people know about it?"

One of those experts is OBGYN Dr. Lakeisha Richardson, who was also on the call with Graham.

When it comes to birth control pills, Dr. Richardson understands why parents may have hesitation.

"I still think there's a lot more work to do, one because you know parents aren't having this conversation at home. And two, I think a lot of people sometimes feel like when you start to discuss birth control with young women that you're also given permission, and I think that that is the biggest taboo that a lot of parents don't want to discuss birth control, because they feel like once we start discussing birth control or if I put my daughter on birth control, then I'm giving her permission to be sexually active."

Dr. Lakeisha went on to explain the importance of her office being a safe space for women, something that's incredibly important for having honest, candid discussions about pregnancy prevention.

Unsplash | Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

Graham echoed these statements:

"You know I see a lot of my fans complain about issues with their friends... they just feel like they don't want to be alone, they don't want to be different. I can have honest conversations with my friends with my partner because I trust them I love their opinion and also."

"Respect yourself enough to get the information you need," she exclaimed.

"I like not being the smartest person in the room. I like that there's somebody that's always more knowledgeable about something than me I love to learn."

This passion for learning has led the Vampire Diaries alum to choose Lo Loestrin Fe birth control pill as her method of pregnancy prevention.

The pill is part of her morning routine, in addition to her meditation and red light therapy.

As for what's next for the powerhouse, Graham tells us she has a podcast coming out that will discuss women's health issues in a candid space. Professionally, she has four films set to premiere next year.

"I'm excited about my life, you know?" she smiled.

With such a clear vision for herself and helping women across the globe, the vibrant actress has every reason to look forward to the future, which will surely be as bright as she is.