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This Royal Marine Is Using TikTok To Teach Us Things That Could 'Save Our Life'

Aside from maybe owning a Swiss Army knife, the average person likely doesn't know a whole lot when it comes to survival tips, the stuff that could save their life.

Fortunately, TikToker @dutchintheusa is a former Royal Marine, and is sharing some incredible survival advice on TikTok.

Hogtied with zip ties?

This is the kind of uncomfortable situation we never want to find ourselves in. But if it does happen, there's a way out.

As Dutch explains, you basically need to wriggle a bunch to move the ties to an area where you can slip out of them.

Keep the gators at bay.

This might not be relevant for anyone who lives outside Florida or Louisiana, but that still means it's relevant for millions of people.

Long story short: keeping your food inside and putting up fences will largely keep your property gator-free.

What if you're tied up with duct tape?

You know how duct tape tears easily if you do it right? You can apply this principle even if you're tied up with tape. By shifting your arms, you can create a small tear that will eventually rip open.

Everyday self defence.

These items aren't knives or pepper spray, but they're still good for self defence in a pinch. They are: a water bottle, especially a heavy one, a dog leash that can serve as handcuffs, and a beach umbrella.

A natural spear.

In a survival situation, having a pointy object is a big plus. Here, Dutch explains that the spine of a coconut leaf is hard and fibrous enough to serve as a fishing spear. The plant's leaves can also be made into clothes in a pinch.

How do you throw a punch with acrylic nails?

Dutch dons acrylics for this lesson. With acrylics, making a fist is going to hurt, so he recommends using your palm or a certain part of your finger. You'll throw a good punch without ruining your nails.

Where to sleep on a road trip?

If you don't want to shell out for a hotel, try one of these places: a big Walmart parking lot, a big casino parking lot, a welcome center parking lot, a rest stop parking lot, or Bureau of Land Management land. Basically, look for big, well-lit parking lots.

How to lock your door in a pinch.

This is no substitute for a real lock, but it's something you can put together in a hurry. All you really need for this one is a few forks and the strength to bend them.

Here's how to spot someone fleeing an abusive situation.

The signs are subtle, so Dutch draws attention to them. Stuff like sunglasses to cover black eyes, scarves and long sleeves to cover up bruises, and constantly backing out of social obligations can be signs that someone's being abused.

How do you escape a sinking car?

Being in a car that's slowly sinking is a nightmarish scenario to consider. If the side doors and windows won't open, Dutch recommends smashing the back windshield. It's big and easier to break. Just watch out for the broken glass.

Just say no.

This philosophy can be applied to many things, but here, Dutch applies it to opening your door to people you don't know. He suggests simply asking people for credentials if they're knocking on your door and you don't know them.

Sometimes, you need to comply.

If someone gets the jump on you and has a weapon, you're at a marked disadvantage. Rather than taking the risk of getting shot or stabbed, Dutch says the best policy is to simply hand over your valuables.

Don't give away too much.

You're obligated to display a license plate on your vehicle, but all the other stuff, including bumper stickers, could give nefarious individuals some of your personal information.

It's best to remain anonymous and not put anything that could potentially identify you on your car.

The best bludgeon in the house.

Let's say you're trapped in a washroom. What do you do? If getting out is a matter of breaking a door or window down, just grab the top of the toilet tank. It's heavy and can do some serious damage.

Walking alone at night?

In these situations, many of us busy ourselves with texting or listening to music, but this can make us vulnerable. Dutch says it's best to remain vigilant: take out those headphones and keep an eye on your surroundings.

Confined by zip ties, but have long nails?

I'd argue that freedom from a dangerous situation is more important than protecting your manicure from danger, but in case your priorities are different, Dutch has the trick for you.

When is a weapon not a weapon?

When it's a piece of sporting equipment, like a baseball bat, of course! Other non-weapons that can be used for self defence in a pinch include a lighter and aerosol spray bottle for flame-throwing action.

How to stay safe while traveling.

Pickpockets abound in tourist-heavy areas, so protect yourself with these tips: keep your valuables in a hotel safe, invest in a wallet that's worn on your person, and carry a small amount of cash around.

How to prevent your drink from getting spiked.

Predators often prey on women at bars with unattended drinks. Since it's virtually impossible to monitor your drink all of the time, Dutch suggest using one of these devices to cover up your drink.

Some dating safety tips.

Here's a quick five step checklist for staying safe on a blind date: make sure to video chat with someone before meeting them, use public transportation or a personal cab, meet in public and pick the place, do not get intoxicated, and share details with family and friends.

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