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Student Finds What They Think Is A Secret 'Room' In School Bathroom

Many schools have been around for decades, with some buildings being even 50-60 years old. Students who come to the school buildings may find things that are from years and years ago.

Sometimes, we discover old things or even interesting things in bathrooms. And, with social media, everyone posts things online now to show everyone else.

One student posted a video to TikTok showcasing that he discovered something in the bathroom.

School bathrooms, while nasty and gross, sometimes have a lot of weird things in them.

Students oftentimes find things in there that have been left behind by other people. And, now, many post them online to show the world, too.

The student said there was a "secret cave."

In the bathroom stall, there was a "secret cave" that had a door, pretty much looking like it was a safe or a vent, or even blocking off the heating system.

But, when you opened it, it was dug out completely.

Of course, someone put a sign there, too.

Kids can be wild and want to pull pranks on each other or go viral on social media. So, they put an "Enter" sign inside of the "cave" so that people would come in and crawl under there.

One person said maybe there's a secret room.

It would be hilarious to see if there was a secret room that kids could go into and then have a gaming system or even LED lights to chill out.

A secret place for students to go!

Another said it's a tunnel to escape.

One person said it was funny that someone dug out a tunnel to escape the "prison."

Hilariously, they compared school to a prison that everyone wants to escape from. The kids do feel that way nowadays.

Some people said El Chapo must have been there.

Some people joked around and compared the tunnel to El Chapo, the criminal who dug his way out of prison by making himself an escape tunnel.

Maybe he stopped by this high school, too.

One person said they should go and investigate.

Another commenter said that the TikTok user should crawl into the cave and see what is happening in there, because what do they have to lose?

I mean, a lot if there's some animal up in there or something, just saying.

Turns out, there was darkness...

Looking into the cave, unfortunately, there was not much to be found.

But, overall, it seems like there may be something all the way in the back if you took a flashlight and got into there real nice and deep.

Turns out, there was nothing back there.

In the part 2 follow-up video, it turns out there was nothing back there.

Just a bunch of darkness and dirt. So, while it seemed kind of cool, there was nothing back there in the end.

However, in later videos, it seems this bathroom is the place to be.

The TikTok user shared later videos that showcased there were some funny things that happen in their school bathroom.

Like, one kid who was getting a full shape up during class, with a ring light, a barber chair and everything.

They even have a cape, too.

They have a whole cape, a chair, razors, and everything. I can't believe this kid pulled out an entire barber's set for the school bathroom. Talk about dedication.

Kids these days, they are wild.