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I've Learned A New (And Much Easier) Way To Poach Eggs

When it comes to breakfast food, there are a few things that we love, but we can't make ourselves.

So, we'll order it when we go out to a restaurant, but we won't try to make it at home on our own. For example, everyone loves a good omelette but, it's not always easy to flip it with all of the ingredients inside.

One thing we love? Avocado toast.

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Avocado toast is something that we absolutely love and enjoy, but poaching the egg is something that everyone messes up.

Poaching an egg is not that easy for everyone to do. In fact, everyone breaks them and we get nowhere near where we want to be.

We're always looking for useful hacks to cook and make things easier for ourselves.

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Finding cooking hacks is the best because it'll help us to understand and see how we can make our favorite meals at home, with a fraction of the time and using ingredients we already have in the house.

Thankfully, TikTok is here to save our lives.

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TikTok, since it became popular, has always been around to teach us a few hacks and tips, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning.

If you're someone who needs a new way to cook things, log onto TikTok and get to watching.

The TikTok account "Caught Snackin'" has been sharing some great hacks on their account.

Recently, they shared a great way to make poached eggs where you can guarantee that the egg won't break.

All you need is an egg, a pot of water, and a large soup spoon/ladle. Literally, everything you have at home.

First, boil the water.

Then you crack the egg into the soup spoon.

The egg will fill the entire spoon and then, you lower the spoon into the boiling pot of water and cook the egg while it's in the spoon.

Next, you can put your cooked egg onto your toast, or anything else.

The poached egg should be fully cooked by then, and you can lower it to put on the toast or the avocado toast, whatever you see fit.

It looks absolutely professional and delicious.

Another way to do this is to put the spoon in the water.

If you're nervous, you can dip the spoon fully into the pot and carefully ensure the egg stays on top.

This way, you can put the egg fully immersed into the water to make sure it gets cooked.

The TikTok channel also has a ton of other cool hacks.

One video showcases how to make an upside-down pizza in a pan, which looks delicious and amazing.

First, you put the pepperoni and the cheese in the pan. Then, you put sauce on top of the cheese and add a tortilla in the end.

Put a second pan on top, and then flip!

Put the pan on top of the pizza and flip it over, so now the entire pizza is "right side up" and you can put it back on the stove and toast the "crust."

Wa-La! Upside down pizza.

In another video, the TikTok-er showcases how to make a professional egg sandwich.

Using white bread and some cheese, you can make a "cheese-filled" bread to put on your egg sandwich and make it toasted, to make sure that the cheese stays inside of the bread.

It comes out as a dope sandwich!

All you have to do is top with scrambled eggs and sausage and the bread has the cheese all up inside of it. Looks amazing and what an easy hack to make at home!

New favorite TikTok channel? Yes!