Woman's Hack For Hanging Christmas Ornaments Is Changing The Way We Decorate

It's the holiday season, friends! It's time for us to all gather together and enjoy each other's company once more. Or, it's time to drink lots of wine to get through any sort of interaction with your extended family. Whichever your situation is, make sure your tree ornaments withstand it all with this woman's hack that is sure to keep your tree looking neat!

TikTok has been teaching all of us that we've been doing things "wrong" for our entire lives.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

And by "wrong" I mean there's just another way of doing things that most people would have never thought about.

Some of the hacks have been helpful, like this cooking oil one or this wooden spoon cleaning tip.

One that still haunts me is the woman who claimed we had all been eating hotdogs wrong.

Watch as this woman flips a hot dog around and gets mustard and ketchup all over her fingers while claiming this is a cleaner way.

While some people thought the idea was brilliant, others wanted to know why she didn't just put the condiments on before adding the hot dog.

As we all know, the internet never really agrees on anything, but I've got to side with the skeptics.

For the most part, I've been fine without knowing these hacks... until I saw this Christmas ornament one.

As someone who treats Christmas like a religion, I was eager to learn how to keep my ornaments in place better and not scattered all over the floor for my cat to play with.

Decorating the Christmas tree is something I cherish every single year.

Unsplash | Sandra Seitamaa

I especially cherish when my children go to bed and I can redecorate the tree to my personal standards because lets be real... kids? They don't have that artistic eye.

A woman named Marissa took to social media to share her tips on how to properly hang your Christmas ornaments so that they don’t fall off the tree branch.

The video has gone totally viral because apparently, Marissa has hacked Christmas.

Instead of creating a hook with one end of the wire, like most of us do, she looped the end right through the same hole on the ornament that the other end of the wire was tied around.

I know, right?! MY MIND WAS BLOWN!

This motion created a loop that held the ornament more securely.

The video, which has been viewed over 7 MILLION times, has been enlightening many people, while also making us wonder if it's worth the time.

"It takes longer yes but it makes the tree look so much better," wrote one user.

"No thanks, I'll stick to my old-fashioned way," said another.

"I do this and I never have to adjust the ornaments!" said one user, which was honestly the most compelling argument.

Unsplash | Mathilde Langevin

Maybe I can just wrap my whole tree in plastic wrap and then I'll never have to deal with a finicky ornament again — that's what I call a win!

Now don't mind me, I'll be heading back to my Christmas tree and redoing all of my ornaments to make them slip-proof!

You can never be too safe with 2 cats with 3 kiddos!