Fans Defend Jessica Simpson After 'Sickening' Comments About Her Appearance

Being a celebrity would be unimaginably hard. I know that might be hard to believe for a lot of people, but think about some of the things you value most in your life: privacy, close friendships, honest communication, safety, and security for your children. When you're a celebrity, all bets are off. People view you as their own personal property and feel they can say anything to you.

If you don't believe me, take a look at the comments on Jessica Simpson's recent selfie.

Jessica Simpson is having a renaissance.

It all began with the publication of her autobiography "Open Book" last year and is culminating this year with the release of her new music on her own, independent label.

Long story short — Jessica is thriving these days.

Fans of the songstress know that this journey of self-love and acceptance has not been an easy one.

For the first decade of her career, Jessica was picked apart by her management team, and the media, for her weight.

Earlier this month, Jessica announced she was releasing new music again.

"Thank you to everyone who has supported me to put my voice back into the world. I have never released music without a record label so in a lot of ways I feel like a new artist," she shared.

"It feels refreshing and wildly invigorating to be able to share my music without anyone telling me who I am and how to do it."

"I’m ready to do what I was born to do and I’m grateful to all of y’all for helping me find the confidence to not be quiet to my passion anymore!" she added.

In Jessica's memoir, the blonde bombshell detailed her hyper-managed life in a way fans could have never expected.

The 41-year-old wrote that in 1997, when she was only 17, she had been flown to New York to meet with Tommy Mottola, the CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. Tony had told her that he wanted to sign her, but she'd "have to lose 15 pounds."

"I was five-foot-three and weighed 118," Jessica explained.

She then wrote that Tommy told her that that's what it would take for her to become successful.

The incident caused Jessica to begin a strict diet and also to start taking diet pills, which she would remain on for the next 20 years.

It's clear being a woman in Hollywood is not easy when everyone feels they have the right to say whatever they want about your looks.

Jessica knows that first hand, especially after posting her most recent selfie with hubby Eric Johnson.

"San Ysidro Ranch celebration of 11 years being engaged and saying YES, I will marry YOU," she captioned the sweet pic.

Instead of congratulating the couple, the comments section quickly became filled with people commenting on Jessica's lips and discussing whether or not she had work done recently.

"Those lips are not a good look," wrote one user.

"Congrats… but , What happened to your beautiful face?" said another.

Thankfully, some fans were in the comments section defending the 41-year-old.

"I can't believe the comments. They got engaged 11 years ago. They are celebrating the anniversary of when he proposed. Dense people," said one fan.

"It's sickening that women have to pick apart other women's looks! She's beautiful, always has been," echoed another.

"Why can't people comment on the amazing, inspirational woman Jessica is?!"

We think you look beautiful, Jessica!