Woman Shares Photos Taken Seconds Apart To Send A Body Positive Message

Instagram is full of lies.

It's a great app in a lot of ways, but it's also done something irreparable to how we — especially women — perceive our bodies.

One Australian YouTuber has set out to change that. Using the power of a before-and-after shot, Bree Lenehan posts images of herself with her Insta body next to her "real" body. Breaking the illusion is just the beginning of her journey, however. Let's dive in.

Meet Bree.

She's an Australian YouTuber and author who is all about living a healthy, truthful lifestyle. That's why she started "Real Me Monday," where she posts images of herself in her best Insta pose, followed up by her real body's natural pose.

What we see on Instagram is just a small slice of reality.

"The reason I post this series every week is to remind you that not everything you see online is real. To remind you that you are good enough!"

She's all about loving yourself as you are. Being healthy is more important than what you see in the mirror.

She just wants her followers to live healthy, happy lives.

"A healthy lifestyle is not all abs, a low body fat %, a small waist & a big [bum] it’s NOT avoiding entire food groups or drinking tea instead of eating. It’s NOT about how you look," she said on Instagram.

She's changing the way she views herself.

"For me, I’m no longer telling myself I’m only beautiful when I’m sucking in, hiding away, and portraying perfection."

Loving yourself with all your lumps and bumps is truly the key to happiness!

It's all about positivity.

"I’m choosing to accept myself as I am & because of that, I’m constantly seeking everything in my life that reinforces that thought, I’m constantly seeking the magic in myself, and I believe it now, my body is good, it keeps me healthy & safe. It’s my home."

Waiting to start your life is just a waste of time.

"I always thought to myself: 'I’ll be able to do that when I finish my diet' OR 'I can’t wait to go to the beach when my body is bikini ready' OR 'I’ll get the best photos after I’ve had a glow up.'"

Tbh, I'm also guilty of thinking like that!

Delaying life is just silly.

"I avoided getting photos at family events or while hanging out with friends, because I didn’t want anyone to post photos of me."

Okay, I am ALSO guilty of this. Is Bree changing my life right now? Maybe so!

Embrace your life instead!

"[...] your body image doesn’t change when your body does. It changes when you realise your existence in life is about so much more than your body or how you look, that you can appreciate your body for what it does for you instead, and that you can show yourself kindness."

She's on such a great mission.

Loving yourself is hard work, but Bree's mission is to try and make that a little easier. Maybe if we were all gentler with ourselves, social media wouldn't be such a horrible place to be!