Woman Discovers Her Boyfriend Has Ulterior Motives For Telling Her She Smells Bad

Whether they involve living together or not, relationships can be hard. If one or both partners aren't considering each other's feelings and best interests instead of just their own, that relationship is likely to be fraught with fights no matter how long it lasts.

But while these often comes out in mundane ways and typically revolve around money, special days, and the division of household labor, some couples can find themselves getting into trouble that others wouldn't have even heard of.

And it's true that there's no bottom to how bizarre relationship drama can get, but one woman's story was a new one for a lot of people.

Although they've been dating for over a year, it seems that the woman's boyfriend can't go a single day without complaining about her body odor.

As she explained in a Reddit post, this happens at least once a day despite the fact that there was never a point in her life when she neglected her hygiene.

After all, she showered daily, applied deodorant in the morning and brushed her teeth three times a day when they met.

But the more self-conscious he made her feel about her smell, the more vigilant and paranoid she became about her routine.

As a result, recent times have her showering at least twice a day, applying industrial strength deodorant every few hours (with reminders set on her phone and everything), applying perfume, and brushing her teeth any time she eats or drinks anything with more flavor than water.

As she put it, "I am getting so paranoid. He won’t cuddle or anything when he says I smell. I really don’t know what more I can do?"

And this issue with her boyfriend became even stranger when she went to her doctor and found out there wasn't anything medically wrong with her.

In her words, "It has honestly gotten to the point where I literally shove my arm pit in friends and families faces asking if I smell bad."

But curiously, none of them can point to any body odor at all. In fact, one of them went as far as to say that she almost smells too clean and compared her to a Lush store.

So when the boyfriend next told her, "God, you stink," she snapped and said, "At this point I’m one of the cleanest people on the planet and if I still smell bad to [him] then we should just break up."

This made him more upset and panicked than she expected, as he felt forced to reveal that he actually didn't think she smelled bad at all.

Instead, it turned out that this was an emotional manipulation technique his father had taught him and frequently used on his mother.

As he explained it, his dad presented this as a "sure fire" strategy to make sure women never leave him because "she will feel too low to cheat, will love only you, and will always be clean."

But since the woman had her now ex-boyfriend start packing up and moving out as soon as he revealed what he was doing, it should now be clear to him that his dad steered him wrong.

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