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Unwritten Rules Of Life I'm Sure Many Of Us Don't Follow

Society runs on three major things: laws, social norms, and unwritten rules.

The latter is what ensures you stand on the right side of the escalator to let those in a rush pass. It also gives you enough sense to not propose at someone else's wedding.

Unfortunately, some people missed the memo on some — if not ALL — of these unwritten rules of life. Here are 19 more.

Buy a plunger before you need a plunger.

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Oh, how true this is! What else are you going to use, your foot? And this rule should be followed before you have guests over to help them avoid a very awkward conversation.

If you borrow someone's car, fill up the tank before you return it.

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You do the same for a rental car or U-HAUL, so why not provide this common courtesy to a friend or family member?

While you're at it, make sure the car you borrowed is as clean as when you got it.

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"I once loaned my truck out to someone who needed to move a fridge. [Expletive] left his McDonald’s trash all over the passenger floor. I no longer speak to him." -u/zaise_chsa

Don’t mess up an apology with an excuse.


It's along the same lines as saying, "No offense, but..." and then proceeding to say something offensive. Stick to one lane! If you're going to apologize, apologize. Don't add "but" in there.

Never make fun of someone else's laugh, be it how they sound or how they look.

"Laughing is the most natural expression of joy and happiness and for someone to feel self-conscious about that because of other's comments is so brutal." - u/ArthurMcSlothington

You can be wrong.

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"It isn't a bad thing, either. And when you are wrong, acknowledge it, and learn from it, you don't need to dig down in your beliefs to try and comfort yourself because you can't handle not being right all the time." - u/untakenu

Don't ask for something if the person only has one left.

This could be gum, a cigarette, or their last kidney, as one Redditor pointed out. Asking is just rude and puts the person in an awkward position.

If you're borrowing it for a third time, you need one of your own.


"This is how my dad figures out what to get me for Christmas. During the year, he keeps track of what tools I have borrowed. He then gets me the most borrowed tool for Xmas." - u/Kayge

It's okay to change your mind.

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"You don't have to stick with something just because you thought of it initially. You look much better when you can change your mind based on new information or reconsideration versus 'sticking to your guns' just to avoid 'being wrong'." - u/ivanparas

If someone asks you a question, finish your reply with, “what about you?"

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This helps prevent making a conversation one-sided and shows that you care about the other person.

One of the only times you shouldn't do this includes when a cop asks, "Do you know how fast you were driving?"

If you have to cancel on a friend, it should be your responsibility to reschedule.

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"If you cancel and don’t reschedule, it’s often assumed you canceled it not because you were busy, but because you just didn’t care enough about that friend. Rescheduling let’s them know you do still want to maintain the friendship." -u/eterpage

Never pass on the chance to go number two.

"Learnt this in the Royal Navy. Never turn down the chance to eat, [expletive] or sleep because there are times when you might not be able to do any of them for an extended period." - u/Pm_me_coffee_

Don’t leave your shopping cart in the middle of the grocery aisle!

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It's incredibly annoying how many people do this! You should treat the aisles of a grocery store like driving. Stick to the right side and don't block the roads or intersections!

While you're at it, don’t leave your shopping cart in the parking lot!


"There IS a cart return within eyesight and/or it doesn’t take that long to just take it back to the original stack by the store entrance!" - u/GrumpyGrouchyHermit

Be self-aware.

"Don't zig-zag on sidewalks, don't fill the entire width of the sidewalk. Be aware of your kid moving their arms like a helicopter. DON'T STOP IN YOUR TRACKS TO CHECK THE [EXPLETIVE] PHONE, walk slower, or step aside but don't be that kind of person." - u/wastakenanyways

Announce your visits.

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This is kind of like calling someone without any warning. Text first!

Let your host know you're coming, so they have time to prepare. If you drop by at random, they may have to cancel their plans to entertain you.

If you make a mess, clean it up as soon as you can — especially if you live with other people.


"Be it washing that bowl or picking up your clothes from the bathroom floor, it makes life easier and avoids arguments." - jbmasta

"Don't ask people when they are having kids.

"Not everyone wants children. Some people have a hard time conceiving. Some people can't get pregnant at all. Some people might've lost a pregnancy. It's none of your business." - juliemarieklemmena

Don't propose at someone else's wedding.

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It doesn't matter if the bride was okay with it. It's still extremely tacky and will never be well-received by the majority of people. Let the bride have her day.