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Freelancer Shames Client Who Agreed To Rush Fees And Then Refused To Pay

We live in a gig economy, and this means that many of us work jobs where we get paid by the piece, rather than getting a salary or hourly wage.

A freelance video editor recently shared an incredibly entertaining interaction with a cheapskate who didn't want to pay for their work.

Video editing is specialized work.

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Many of us have messed around with some light video editing before, but to do so professionally requires a certain skill set, particularly when you're tasked with producing a video for a professional, corporate environment.

Here's how it all began.

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The back-and-forth was [posted] to r/ChoosingBeggars, a subreddit devoted to people who aren't willing to pay for something, but still try to negotiate. As you can see, the request is a bit of a rush, but OP is up for it.

20 euros is apparently too much.

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For the Americans out there, €20 is just a bit more than $20 in U.S. dollars, at $22.49. That seems like a fair price for a video that's produced in a hurry, but this person didn't think so.

Things got a bit heated.

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The person who needs the video will apparently get fired if they don't get it done. You could say that they should have started sooner, or that 20 euros is worth ponying up, but they got pretty upset.

"I don't think I feel like paying."

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Here's where things truly get spicy. It looks like this person thought they could take possession of the video before they'd paid for it, and have a free video that they can show their boss.

But OP was ready for this.

They simply locked the video.

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A couple of f-bombs and a classic autocorrect "Duck you" fill out the final screen of this convo, where OP maintains their levelheadedness and the other person turns into an incoherent, begging mess.

I'm not going to lie: this might be in r/ChoosingBeggars, but it could also be in r/oddlysatisfying.

"Now send the screenshots to their boss."

The top comment in the thread makes this suggestion, while others pile on with added ideas: attach the bill for 20 euros, or even provide the boss with OP's resume, since they're clearly better at producing videos.

Lock it up.

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OP notes that the person making the request theoretically could have downloaded the video while it was available, but failed to do so. From there, OP was able to lock them out of accessing the video once it became clear that they weren't going to pay.

All this over 20 euros.

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Seriously, if the difference between me keeping a job I liked and getting fired was 20 bucks, I'd have that money out of my wallet so fast. It's hard to fathom the thought process here.

Good for OP.

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Freelancers deserve to be paid fairly and promptly for their hard work, so it's nice to see that the person trying to cheat a freelancer out of their money got their comeuppance.

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