Adele Bursts Into Tears After Teacher Who 'Changed Her Life' Surprises Her Onstage

While it's hard to ignore that celebrities seem to live in a completely different world than us, many will do a lot to remind us that they didn't start off that way.

Some let us in on their old habits that died hard, while others will insist that they're the same people they were when they started no matter how different they look.

But if there is one emotional connection that our favorite stars truly share with us, it's that once upon a time they were just kids with dreams too.

And while we can attribute the fact that they made their dreams came true to so many different twists of fortune, one touching reunion makes it clear that the people who made the greatest impacts on our lives aren't always the ones others might expect.

On November 22, ITV released a star-studded concert special that Adele had filmed earlier this month.

As People reported, this event was called An Audience with Adele and one of the stars in attendance was Emma Thompson, who asked the singer whether there was anyone from her childhood who inspired her.

And for Adele, that person was a teacher she had at South London's Chestnut Grove Academy named Ms. McDonald who ignited her appreciation for English and literature while also leading dances in the cafeteria.

As Adele put it, "She was so bloody cool. So engaging. She really made us care and we knew that she cared about us."

However, the two fell out of contact after Ms. McDonald left the school when the singer was 12.

But what Adele soon realized was that the teacher clearly hadn't stopped thinking about her because Thompson revealed that she was actually in the audience that night.

As we can see, Adele was already overcome with emotion as soon as she discovered she could see her favorite teacher again.

And the tears kept flowing when Ms. McDonald joined Adele on stage for a heartwarming embrace.

After McDonald told Adele how proud she was of her, she revealed that this was all arranged as a surprise for her and Adele told her that she hadn't aged a bit since they last saw each other.

As Adele started to get choked up again, they hugged a second time as McDonald said, "Don't cry, thank you. Thank you for remembering me."

But as Adele affirmed, it would be hard not to remember McDonald as the singer really does feel as though the teacher changed her life.

And while it seems they'll have a lot to talk about later, Adele made sure to tell her that she kept all the books from their time together.

Their reunion and a big sing-along that gave Adele time to get the makeup she cried away adjusted can be seen here.