Man Shares Powerful Photo After Ten Years Of Sobriety

Sobriety can mean different things for every person, but for some, it offers a solution to a feeling of hopelessness or the feeling of being trapped. No matter how difficult it is to maintain for any individual person, sobriety milestones should always be celebrated as proof that it is possible to achieve.

One man, Terin DeVoto, is sharing his story alongside some powerful photos to show his journey after ten years of sobriety.

Sobriety can often have a huge impact on our physical appearance.

It's no surprise that drastic lifestyle changes can not only deeply affect how we feel on the inside as well as our physical health, these lifestyle changes are also often visible in the way that we look.

Before and after photos of those on their sobriety journeys can often be pretty dramatic.

Terin DeVoto is sharing his journey on his Instagram.

"I used and abused just about everything possible, from huffing paint to prescription pills to liquor — everything except a needle," DeVoto told Insider.

"My hope is to show those people that addiction is not a death sentence," he continued.

DeVoto posted a before and after photo showing the change that ten years of sobriety had on him.

"Until our hearts stop beating and there’s no more air in our lungs, recovery is possible! Insanely grateful to be alive, free and sober," he captioned the post.

Congratulations to DeVoto and to everyone else making progress on their own journeys!

h/t: Insider

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