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A Thread Of Random Very Specific Advice Has Me Smiling Non-Stop

When we get advice in life, we usually get it from people we know and/or trust. And, even though we appreciate them and believe in them, we don't always take their advice. However, when perfectly good strangers give advice to other perfectly good strangers, part of me wants to believe them.

I think having strangers give advice to us is sweet, kind, and generous.

Be proud of yourself.

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"When you finish something complicated or pick up a concept from a skill you are learning. Take a moment to be proud of yourself. You don't have anything to prove to anyone. But it feels good to take a sec to enjoy the accomplishment," said gerald_c.

If it bothers you, speak up.

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likelystonedagain said if it bothers you for 24 hours and you cannot stop thinking about it, speak up within 48 hours.

Letting yourself sit and stew in things can't be healthy for anyone, stand up for yourself always.

Always date your spouse.

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Some people on Reddit unanimously agreed that no matter how long you are married, you need to make a conscious effort to date your spouse/significant other.

"Happily married for 11 years now and this is the advice that helps us when things get rocky. The first sign of trouble, we go on a date. It always helps. Good advice, I had to second it!"

Don't live with the regret.

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"Don't live your life regretting the small mistakes you made yesterday. You're not defective, and even though your brain will tell you that you screwed up and because of that you're unworthy of people's time and attention, it's wrong. You are worthy," wrote NinjaTr33.

Invest where it counts.

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boredonreddit1998 shared that we live the vast majority of our lives either walking or sleeping.

So, investing in good shoes is important, as well as a good quality mattress. Do what you can for yourself where it counts.

When moving into a new place, test the AC and the heat.

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"When getting a new apartment test both heat and AC. You don't think to check your heater when's it 105 outside on the day you tour the apartment. We never tested our heater. First freeze of the year and our heater is broken. Two weeks for a replacement," wrote thegothickitty33.

Learn to be alone.

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malalala_lala, and others, shared that learning to be okay with being alone is important before jumping into a relationship with someone.

So many people settle for crappy relationships and partners just because they don't want to be alone, be okay with yourself beforehand.

You have to accept people for who they are.

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"Accept people for who they are, not what you want them to be. If they show that they’re trash people, accept it and cut them loose. They won’t change for you no matter how much you want them too. If they show that they’re genuine, they’re the ones you need to surround yourself with," wrote TastyItem1458.

Read to your kids.

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Many shared that one thing that is important is reading to your kids. Every single day, from birth to graduation.

Another added that it goes from "reading to your kids" to reading with your kids, where you can read and discuss things together.

Ask for a raise in the right way.

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"If you want a raise, ask what you need to do to earn it. Accomplish those things and ask for the raise. If you get the raise, stay. If you don’t, begin looking for another job. Don’t play games with people who move your goal posts," shared Otherwise_Hunt7296.

Take care of your teeth.

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gonzo-is-sexy shared that many people neglect to take care of their teeth the right way in their youth and pay for it later down the road.

Dental work is painful and costly, floss and brush every day and every night.

Take in the little moments with your kids.

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"Take the time to enjoy the little/quiet/every-day moments with your kids. They grow up really fast. It’s easy to remember the big events, milestones and vacations. But those small moments of sharing ice cream on a summer day or sitting outside looking at the stars together…those are magic. Don’t overlook them," said Wyndshear.

Surround yourself with the right people.

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"You are who you surround yourself with. Choose wisely.

In that same vein, you are a product of your environment and the beliefs/opinions that you surround yourself with. Choose wisely, otherwise it will be chosen for you," said DougTheBrownieHunter.

Don't apologize without action.

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Expensive_Trouble shared that you should never apologize unless you plan to actively work on yourself and change your actions.

Saying sorry and doing the same thing is a cycle of toxic behaviors and you shouldn't apologize if you won't change.

Save the voicemails.

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"Save at least one voicemail from the people important to you. You never know what happens and you’ll want them when you can’t talk to/see/hear them any more

I just lost my dad and I’m so grateful I can still hear his voice," wrote hater94.

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