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Women Are Sharing What Choices They Deeply Regret

We all make mistakes, it's part of being human. Most of the time, these trespasses are small, but every now and again — they can be catastrophic.

Below is a compilation of women sharing what choices they've made that they've come to deeply regret. Take it as a teaching moment and above all else — learn to forgive yourself.

Not coming out earlier.

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"Waiting until I was 26 to come out. A decade spent hating myself or in denial. Years of dating men who treated me the way I thought I deserved to be treated instead of the brilliant women I actually wanted to be with." - Reddit u/Courageous_Chameleon

"I could’ve saved myself a lot of heartbreak and hurt feelings if I had stuck to my standards." - Reddit u/not_a_wvitch

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Whenever you lower your standards, someone will always rise to meet them. You shouldn't ever be forced to compromise or to settle for anything other than everything you deserve and desire in life.

The time they accidentally abandoned their pet.

"Accidentally abandoned my cat. I can't sleep at night sometimes thinking about it. In fact, writing this really sucks because I'm confessing what a terrible person I am. My ex boyfriend[sic] was supposed to come get her the day I moved out of state but he never did." - Reddit u/spagyrum

"Not taking chances in my early 20s." - Reddit u/coolbeansbradley

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Deferred gratification is a risky business. It's all fine and well for you to say that you're going to travel when you're older, but remember that tomorrow is promised to no one. Get out there, see the world, and live to the fullest.

Choosing not to say goodbye to a loved one.

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"A couple years later, I realized I really regretted that decision. I feel awful that I didn't go see her and let her know I cared. One good thing that came from that is not making the mistake again." - Reddit u/embracing_insanity

"Not taking college seriously at 18." - Reddit u/ohlittlebugger

I think the problem isn't so much that you didn't take college seriously, but that you went in the first place. College isn't the place to figure your plan out, it's where you go to execute it. Otherwise, stay home and save yourself the money.

Walking away is the hardest part.

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"Not ending the friendship with my toxic ex-best friend sooner. Instead, I put up with her treating me as her personal punching bag for way too long. She always had that victim mentality, woe is me attitude and it was emotionally draining to be friends with her." - Reddit u/Team_CoffeeWithCream

"Not putting more effort into my education." - Reddit u/pink_catsandme

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I'm going to have to disagree with this one. Never forget that C's and D's get degrees and that unless you're aspiring to be a lawyer, engineer, or surgeon — grades really don't matter all that much.

Not getting to know your mother.

"I would say not asking my mother more questions about herself in her early twenties, and even after. There’s some nostalgic part of me that wishes I got to know her as a person instead of my mother." - Reddit u/dustkitten

"The amount of cheese I've eaten in the last 24 hours." - Reddit u/driftinandout_

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I'm sure everyone else who happens to be in the same room with you feels the exact same way! On the real, though — I totally can relate. I'm such an animal that I don't even bother to slice cheese from the brick; I just break it off.

Marrying and having children too young.

"Marriage and a kid young. Didn't get to enjoy my 20s. Feel like I lived a life I didn't want. Should have stayed single and moved far away with my best friend, started our careers and just enjoy ourselves." - Reddit u/LeighofMar

"Having an affair with a married man when I was very young and extremely naive." - Reddit u/Herley11

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We've all done things that we regret in life. Heck, I can't even begin to imagine how different my childhood might have been if social media was around back then. All you can ever hope to do is learn, grow, and move on.

Choosing their significant other over their best friend.

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"Choosing a SO over the best friend I had ever had… I’ve tried to reach out & mend things but it’s always a dead end. I get it, just very sad I can’t change it no matter how hard I try." - Reddit u/sorayanelle

"I REGRET NOT BUYING BITCOIN BACK IN 2009." - Reddit u/aquariiandromedae

When Bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, the value was pretty much $0. However, if you got into the game a year later and invested $100 when the price was roughly .10 cents — you'd have around 1000 Bitcoins. Today, that investment would be worth $58,047,700.

Not treating people the way that they deserved to be treated.

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"Being the toxic person in friendships and relationships. It’s very hard to grapple with self worth[sic] while admitting that you’ve treated people you loved poorly. I had to lose a few people before I could step back and realize that I needed to work on my mental health." - Reddit u/angeryveg

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