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Judging From Ridiculous Things Moms Were Shamed For, It's Time To Give Them A Break

Mothers are living proof that not all superheroes wear masks. They are the strongest beings on the planet, to whom we all quite literally owe our existence.

You'd think that by now, we'd have figured out how to cut them some slack — but alas that sadly isn't the case. I'd say, judging from all the ridiculous things moms are shamed for, on a regular basis, it's high time we give them a break.

No talking while parenting.

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"Talking on my phone while pushing my SLEEPING baby in a stroller. Apparently[sic] I should have all my attention on him even though he's asleep and I needed to call my husband for a few minutes." - Reddit u/deleted

How else would they know it's a girl?

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This Reddit user said that when his niece was born, she had hardly any hair at all. As a result, people used to shame his sister all the time for not putting a frilly hat on the newborn's head.

Have you ever heard of a mother being shamed over balloons?

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"I invited a group from his playgroup over to my house one afternoon to celebrate his first birthday. I got some balloons because babies love balloons. It was going well until someone said quietly “oh, we don’t do balloons. Not until they’re much older”." - Reddit u/pinkandperjurous

A mother shaming her own daughter? How shocking.

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Reddit user fourfrenchfries was mom-shamed by her own mother for hiring a doula. She said that birth was supposed to be the most natural thing in the world and that her daughter was being overly dramatic.

Seriously — just for holding a baby?!

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"I got shamed for holding my 1 week old by a random stranger in a grocery store, because I was "spoiling" her. She insisted I needed to put baby in her carseat in the cart, instead." - Reddit u/roosterkitten

What's the big deal?

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Another encounter Redditor fourfrenchfries had occurred at the airport. Her baby dropped the toy that he was playing with on the ground and she...gave it back to him. Imagine the audacity of it all — for shame!

It's Canada, Karen — I think the boy will be just fine!

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"For not having my then 4 month old bundled up and wearing shoes and socks in 85F weather. He was in a onesie and barefoot. He lived. Turns 21 tomorrow." - Reddit u/liand22

"Getting an epidural."

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Shaming a mother for getting an epidural during childbirth is like shaming a man for receiving an anesthetic prior to having open-heart surgery. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever and anyone who would argue otherwise should have their head checked.

Somebody's got to go out and bring home the bacon.

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"I was shamed for going back to work about 4 months after my third was born. My husband was a stay at home[sic] dad already," Reddit user Sand_Dargon explained.

This mother was shamed for breastfeeding too long.

In a since-deleted Reddit post, this young mother explained how she weened her firstborn at 15 months and ceased completely at 18 months. Everyone was horrified that she continued to breastfeed after a year.

This young mother was shamed for her inability to breastfeed.

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"17-year-old me felt really bad and like I had failed my baby because everyone told me you can't stop producing milk, if you do it's because you've stopped breastfeeding your baby." - Reddit u/LegsForAboutAnHour

For not putting enough bows in her daughter's hair.

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Redditor offbeatchicken is a young mother from Texas. She said that she doesn't enjoy putting bows in her daughter's hair and has been made to feel like she's the worst mother alive because of it.

I can't believe that someone would think this, let alone say it.

"My wife was shamed for having a few stretch marks after cesarian section. Apparently[sic] stretch marks were only reserved for "real mothers" who gave birth vaginally." - Reddit u/Fapiness

"Breastfeeding in public. A baby, not even my older toddler." - Reddit u/TreasureBG

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If you're still breastfeeding a toddler, that's an entirely different issue/conversation. But a newborn baby out in the world; who in their right mind would shame a mother for that? The kid has gotta eat, right?

Mind your P's and Q's.

"Changing my infant nephew after swimming I hear a horrified gasp, "Is your baby not circumcised?!" She was horrified and didn't I know that it would be so much healthier for him?" - Reddit u/sleepisbeauty

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