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Lawyer Reveals How To Get Expensive Products For Free Through Secret Loopholes

What's something that feels illegal, but isn't?

Well, every tip from lawyer and TikTok user @erikakullberg, actually. She's a money wizard who has an entire series on her TikTok dedicated to gaming brand warranties and return policies to get free stuff.

So, how does it work, and how can you get a free pair of Nikes? Let's find out.

This Costco hack may save you a TON in November.

Want something that's going on sale on Black Friday, but don't want to miss out in case it sells out? No problem. Simply hop onto Costco.com and buy it 30 days before Black Friday.

Here's the trick:

If you buy it on Costco.com, you can apply for a price match if the item goes on sale. Costco will reimburse you with a gift card for the price difference. And who doesn't want a Costco gift card?

Goodbye to strict return policies.

If you buy your shoes through Adidas, they come with a six-month warranty.

"[...] since it's been less than six months since I purchased, it's covered under the warranty and Adidas will either give me a new pair or a gift card for the same value."

The same trick works for Nike.

As long as you're within two years of the manufacturing date on the shoe, you can take your shoes in and get a new pair, or a gift card for the same value.

Ever had something stolen, like AirPods?

If you have a credit card with theft protection, the luxury items you buy may be protected under it. In the event your AirPods are stolen, your credit card company will give you the money to buy a replacement pair.

Lululemon leggings already breaking down?

No big deal.

"I've actually read your terms, and I know you have a quality promise, where if the product doesn't 'perform' within the 'practical lifetime,' you'll take it back and issue a gift card for the same value."

Fill out a form and get your money back!

This United hack had my jaw on the floor.

Ever have a bag delayed by United? Same. It's kind of their thing. However, you don't have to put up with it. In a skit, Erika explained:

"I've actually read your terms, and I know that if my bag is delayed, United will reimburse me for any expenses up to $3500."

Don't let them get away with only giving you a small amount, though.

On screen, Erika showed her claim form from United with her approved reimbursement for $488.99. Thanks to her reading the terms of service, she was able to get all the things she needed in case her bag didn't arrive in time — including car travel expenses.

It's all about reading the fine print.

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Erika does all the work for you when it comes to reading the terms of service, aka that huge block of text most of us ignore.

What do you think of her tips? Would you try one? Let me know!

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