Woman Turns The Tables On Tinder Match Who Just Wanted To Call Her A Catfish

It's long been said that love is a battlefield, but that seems to apply in the age of dating apps more than ever.

Because while they can definitely make different types of connections easier, there's only so much they can do when we're dealing with the same pushy, creepy, and unreliable people we made the mistake of dating before they existed.

But with these shifts in technology comes the new problem of catfishing, in which people present themselves as someone completely different from who they really are.

And while it's a common enough problem, one can still end up making themselves look foolish if they assume that everyone they meet is a catfish.

That's what one woman was surprisingly effective in illustrating after one bizarre encounter that didn't give her much to work with. Nonetheless, we're about to see that she still delivered.

On November 12, a comedian named Paris Campbell uploaded a video to TikTok in which she publicly responded to a man from Pennsylvania named Will.

As she told it, this guy spent a buck on a Tinder "super like" just to accuse her of being a catfish.

He wasn't clear on what led him to that conclusion, and his reasoning was just as mysterious to Campbell.

In fact, it was particularly puzzling because she said the photo that apparently inspired this comment was one in which she wasn't even wearing any makeup.

She then demonstrated that she was perfectly capable of recreating her face in the video before moving on to her next plan.

As she put it, "I went to go learn more about the man of my dreams."

But when she checked on his profile, the only thing he bothered to say in it was that he was 6'1''.

And apparently suspecting that he might be projecting by calling her a catfish, Campbell decided to investigate the validity of this claim using a simple clue he didn't know he left behind.

As she said, "You see Will, that coffee cup you're holding seems to be a very standard size. Measuring approximately 3.6 inches from rim to bottom."

Using this measurement, that of his sunglasses, and a corroboration with the in-seam of his shorts, Campbell was able to determine that Will here was actually 5' 10''.

And while that apparently made them the same height, Campbell stressed in the video's description that Will's height doesn't matter, but his rudeness and the fact that he would lie about it does.

In her words, "So who's the catfish? Hmm?"

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