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Mom Secretly Records Babysitter So The Internet Can Hear How She Really Sounds

Until now, singing babysitters is only something that exists in the movies.

But one young girl is proving that magic exists in real life with her stunning voice.

Her rendition of "A Whole New World" went viral after the mother of the girl she babysits for secretly recorded her singing.

Trust me, you'll want to hear this!

In the viral video that's been viewed more than 16 million times, TikToker Nicki Maher secretly recorded her babysitter, Delaney Wilson.

“This is our babysitter," she said while Delaney could be heard in the background singing "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid.

"I am trying to encourage her to put her voice out there more," Maher wrote on the video.

"But she gets discouraged by the way she looks in videos," the text overlay read.

"And all I see is beauty. So do my kids. Let's show her some love. so I can get her to sing for us more. Her voice legit makes me cry," the text continued.

Show her some love they did!

"Y'all hired your own Disney Princess!" one wrote. "THATS A DISNEY VOICE IF I EVER HEARD ONE," another wrote.

"Awww...the best part is that is business as usual for her...she is not putting a show...just filling the air with joy," a third added.

One viewer praised the bond between Delaney and the girl she babysits.

"Amazing voice, but what I love more is her and your daughters unspoken bond I see between them," this viewer wrote with lots of love emojis.

The babysitter was also praised for delivering emotion through the lyrics.

"Am I the only one who feels like she really connected to those lyrics," this viewer commented.

Nicki replied, "It made me cry for more than a few reasons. Resonates SO MUCH!!! For so many of us."

Many encouraged Delaney to keep singing as a way to gain a record deal or even work for Disney.

Since a fan requested that she sing "Reflection" from Mulan, Delaney obliged.

“This is the response you guys have been waiting for," Nicki said in her intro.

She did NOT disappoint. Her voice was simply magical, as many viewers pointed out.

"She needs to go on The Voice. Delaney your voice is magical," one fan commented.

Another recommended that she go on American Idol or America's Got Talent. "OMG! She sounds like she sings for Disney! YES! Go girl!" this fan wrote. "The stage is waiting for you," a third added.

Those blown away by the young singer will be happy to know that she's pursuing a career in music!

And it was the viral videos that gave her the push she needed. “I really have a fire under me right now and I’m going to keep pushing and keep releasing things,” Delaney told The Herald News.

She's currently attending Berklee College of Music in Boston where she's studying vocal performance and plans to record music.

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If you can't wait until then, you can check out her TikTok account where she posts singing videos. So far, she has over 250k followers.

Like many others, she started the app during the coronavirus pandemic.

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“During quarantine, we all turned to social media for entertainment,” she said. “One video could get only a few views and others could get millions of views, which is what happened with me and Nikki.”

She said that she's always known she wanted to be a singer — ever since childhood — but it was the viral videos on the app that gave her that extra push.

“I’m just so excited that it’s gone so far,” she said. So are we!

Thank you, Delaney, for allowing us to be a part of your world.