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Our Hairbrushes Can Actually Be Making Our Hair Greasier

Grease. It's the bane of our hair's existence.

Traditional culprits include not washing your hair enough, product buildup, and unhealthy eating habits.

But what if we told you that your hairbrush is also to blame? Yep, the thing that you use to sort out your hair could also be contributing to your hair woes.

Here's why.

This hair-raising fact was brought to people's attention by @everything_tidy on TikTok.

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As a cleaning fanatic, she shares helpful cleaning tips to her 923k followers.

One of her most recent viral videos has people shocked. She showed what happens if you don't regularly clean your hairbrush.

She began by saying that she watched a video last week that suggested something new.

"She said that maybe the reason why your hair is getting greasy or oily quickly isn’t in fact because of your hair follicles and it is in fact because of your brush.”

Don't just take her word for it.

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According to Bustle, there are two main reasons why your hairbrush is making your hair greasy.

The first is that brushing your hair too often can cause the brush to distribute the hair's natural oils that form at the root.

Brushing too often can also stimulate oil production (a no-no for those with oily hair).

The second reason is that you never clean your hairbrush.

All of that gray lint you see on the ends of the bristles are actually dead skin, build-up product, and more. So when you brush your hair, you're transferring all that dirt and oil back onto your scalp. Ick!

So to put this woman's theory to the test, @everything_tidy showed her users the method she uses to clean her hairbrushes.

“I’ve just used hot water and shampoo because she didn’t state what was used in it. I just figured, because it’s hair, shampoo," she said before dropping her brushes in the water.

After soaking her brushes for an hour, she showed how murky brown the water had become.

"That's disgusting," she said as she swished the brown water around. “Ladies, don’t forget to wash your hair brushes. I didn’t even know that was a thing - but look at the state of that.”

People who commented were equally shocked.

"DO WE HAVE TO WASH EVERYTHING," one asked. "Bold if you to assume I brush my hair," joked another.

One person was so shocked, they decided to buy a new brush and start from scratch instead. Same, girl, same.

One girl brought up hair lint on her brush.

"Anyone elses hair brushes gather random fluff and ye jus pick it of...just me...carry on..." she wrote with a laughing emoji.

This is the lint we talked about earlier! The one that's filled with dead skin and product build up...

Some were shocked that others haven't already been washing their brushes.

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"PEOPLE DONT WASH THEIR BRUSHES???!!" one wrote. A girl commented a handy trick: she washes her brushes every time she washes her hair. Another suggested using white vinegar and baking powder to pull out the grime.

This isn't the only thing people have learned to wash on TikTok.

"Laundry stripping" was a huge hack in 2020 that proved we've been washing our bedding all wrong.

It involves using Borax, washing soda (sodium carbonate) and laundry detergent to deep clean everything from your bedding to couch coverings.

People were thoroughly disgusted (and satisfied) to see the water turn to a brown color from all the gunk being stripped away from linens.

This gave them a fresh, clean, feel, as well as a renewed, bright color.

So, what is the takeaway today? WASH EVERYTHING.