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Mom Claps Back At People Who Shamed Her For Giving Her Toddler ‘Cups Of Tea'

There are some parents who like to raise their kids one way, and share things on social media with the world—then, before they know it, they're being slammed by dozens of strangers online.

Sharing things online may seem innocent, but, once you open that door, it's hard to close it. Raising your kids how you want is fine, but the Internet sometimes says otherwise.

Mom shaming is something many parents are victims of.

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Moms love to share things online of their kids. There is nothing better than bragging or even showing off your adorable children. But, when things go viral and are shared online, there can be hate that comes right back at you.

Everyone thinks they're the "experts" at parenting.

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When some disagree with you about parenting, they have to tell you immediately. While they think they are being helpful, there are times when they are stepping over a line and crossing a boundary, telling you how to raise your kids.

Mom Leannee likes to share videos of her son on TikTok.

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As many moms do, Leannee likes to share videos of her son on TikTok. Recently, she shared a video of her son online that seemed to spark some issues with users—causing them to debate about whether or not it was proper.

Leannee shared a video of her son recently that sparked some outrage.

In the video, the mom shared that her son loves to drink tea. In the video, she said, "what are you drinking," and adorably, he responded that he was drinking a little bit of tea. It's clearly adorable and so sweet.

Leannee, who is British, saw nothing wrong with it.

The tiny cup that her son was drinking from looked as though it help barely any tea, but many people online thought it was "so wrong" for her young child to be drinking tea, which has caffeine in it.

Many said he's "too young" to have tea.

Many pointed out in the comments that this was "far too young" to have a child drinking tea, and others said that even though they too are British, this is how young children get addicted to caffeine.

The mom wrote back to haters online though.

The mom commented back at people who called her out saying that her son has "seen her with a cup of tea and wanted one," and that the small cup had barely any in it, it's so small that it will not hurt him.

Others agreed that there was nothing wrong with it.

Many said that they see nothing wrong with it. And, that he wasn't drinking "loads of tea," she probably only gave him a little bit just for the adorable video. And, the mom agreed. She said that he doesn't have it in "large quantities."

Another shared that in the 80s, she even had coffee as a kid.

Another TikTok user pointed out that back in the day, many people did stuff with their kids that would be frowned upon today. Like, how her parents gave her milky coffee before bed—which, today, people would lose it over.

According to health experts, some tea is okay for toddlers and kids.

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Experts say certain teas are okay for young kids, but ones with caffeine should be avoided.

"Caffeine, a stimulant, isn’t recommended in any amount for children under age 12. It may cause anything from trouble sleeping and nervousness to issues with increased urine output and decreased sodium/potassium levels."

However, herbal teas are usually safer for kids.

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Most herbal teas are made from roots and leaves and are safe for young children, like chammomile. But, experts say to also read the label before giving a young child anything to ensure it is safe for consumption.