Pokemon Oreos Are Now Being Sold For More Than Some People’s Yearly Salary

People can be pretty passionate about cookies, and what's not to get passionate about? They're amazing things!

However, in the wake of the release of Pokemon-themed Oreos there have been a whole host of individuals buying and selling the rarest ones they can get their hands on for truly staggering prices — with some people offering to sell them for more than some individuals earn in a year.

What would you pay for an Oreo cookie?

Unsplash | Yogendra Singh

Oreo cookies have a special place in the hearts of many people. However, even the most avid Oreo cookie fan will be stunned by how much people are willing to pay for the rarest Pokemon Oreo.

The rarest of the limited edition cookies is the cookie which has the Pokemon Mew printed onto it.

In the popular video-game franchise, Mew is one of the rarest Pokemon that a person can find.

Similarly, the Mew Oreo is the rarest of the Pokemon Oreos. In total, there are 16 different Pokemon Oreos for people to collect.

Some have been selling for over $20, 000 online!

One US-based seller on eBay recently posted his own Mew cookie for the staggering price of $35, 000. To add to the shock factor, the astronomically priced cookie also had over ten people watching the bidding.

Many fans of the franchise have been annoyed by individuals trying to flog their Mew cookies for ridiculous prices.

This is not the first time in recent memory that collectors of Pokemon memorabilia have been hitting the headlines.

Back in May, Target were forced to stop the sale of Pokemon cards after scalpers were causing fights in order to try and get their hands on as many Pokemon cards as possible.

Some people have also been selling completed Pokemon Oreo collections.

As more people begin to uncover Mew Oreos, the price that people try to re-sell them for will naturally start to decrease.

However, if I was hankering for an Oreo badly enough, I think that I would probably just eat the Mew cookie even if I found one. It's only going to go off otherwise, and leaving it to go stale would be a crime!