Get Ready To Deck The Halls, And Your Feet, With Ugly Christmas Sweater Crocs

Gone are the days are crocs being shunned as ugly shoes. Sure, they're still just as ugly as ever, but people are appreciating them for their quirkiness.

With that being said, I still hate them just as much as I did 10 years ago and now, they're trying to win us all over with Christmas crocs and I regret to say it may be working on me...

Crocs are back and better than ever.

If you're someone who usually can't stand the look of these hole-filled, rubber clogs, take notice of the brand's new Christmas line that is changing my mind.


These festive shoes are available in two different design styles that can be customized with Christmas Jibbitz.

Designed after classic, vintage ugly Christmas sweaters, these Crocs are kind of rocking my world right now...

They sold out quick last year so if you're looking for a new fuzzy shoe, consider these your new best friend!

Now don't mind me, I'm off to buy a pair of these before my husband gets home — Jibbitz included!

Click here for more information on these shoes!