13+ Weird Situations That Might Just Ruin Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time for some people, and that is perfectly understandable as it is an overwhelming time!

However, to offer a little distraction from the chaos of the holidays, please enjoy these 13+ weird situations that might just ruin Christmas.

"I created this Christmas Card to give to someone recovering from Covid..."

Okay, so the prize for the most appropriate Covid Christmas card thus far goes to this person!

"Every year my in-laws have a gingerbread house competition and every year I'm still a disappointment!"

In fairness, there is an incredible amount of work that has gone into this, even if it is decidedly less Christmassy than other gingerbread setups out there!

"Saw this in a breakfast shop..."

Thanks to his mastery of the force, Vader can still choke people out while obeying social distancing as well.

"Ordered One [Brussels] Sprout instead of 1kg! Need to cut it into four to go round!"

For a lot of people out there I imagine that this would actually be something to celebrate.

"Spreading the holiday cheer in my apartment building this year."

If I'm going to get a box of cookies, then the spelling of the name on the box is the element of the situation that I would care least about really.

That's One Way Around The Elf-On-A-Shelf Game...

That's an ingenious way to not have to screw around, moving this little nuisance around for two weeks! Way to use a bad situation to your advantage.

"This note my daughter left on my bed last night."

Santa Claws is Santa Claus' enforcer, using his giant, terrifying claws to cut those on the naughty list in half!

"My brother wanted a gift card for Christmas..."

Joke's on this guy, their brother only wanted the gift card to buy ketchup with, so it's a win win!

"This warms my heart, it's nice when companies pretend to care during the holidays."

Wow, those are some really...considerate opening hours! That is a truly shocking lack of self-awareness from the business using this sign.

"I individually wrapped a bunch of Mike&Ike's for my dad for Christmas..."

Well, I guess that this is one good way to encourage portion control over the Christmas period at least!