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Parents Who, According To Their Children, Are Beyond Embarrassing

When I was a kid, my dad used to love embarrassing me and my brother. "It's my job!" he used to happily proclaim. But as it turns out, I got off easy.

I wouldn't want him finding out, for fear he'd take it as a challenge, but my dad can't hold a candle to these 15 parents — who, according to their children, are beyond embarrassing.

Moms are always there to provide the answer to a question that nobody asked.

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"My mom is a know-it-all; she's an armchair-Einstein. She has no idea what she's talking about and most people just roll their eyes at her. She always has to have something to say, regardless of whether it's true or not." - Reddit u/deleted

The pandemic has a way of bringing out the crazy in people.

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Reddit user shannister begrudgingly admits that their father is a full-blown conspiracy theorist. He believes jetstreams are chemtrails, is a vocal anti-vaxxer, and is absolutely convinced that his is the only right way.

For those who believe service workers are meant to serve...

"My mom never says please or thank you to service workers, even though she's fully aware that I am a service worker. I feel your pain, and I am so sorry." - Reddit u/poems_for_a_mermaid

You're going to have to speak up.

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This Reddit user, who goes by the handle michaelmcmikey, says that their father has a significant hearing problem but refuses to accept it. He yells and constantly makes friends and family repeat themselves.

My mother, the Karen.

"My Mom's a "Karen". She always has a complaint, she wants to speak to your manager. She uses her Facebook as a weapon and a threat ("This is going on Facebook, you'll see!")." - Reddit u/Lurkist

This takes helicopter parenting to new heights.

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Once when ilostonesock was young, their father ran onto the soccer pitch at their sister's game, screaming "you forgot to put sunscreen on!" He then proceeded to apply sunscreen to his daughter while the game was in play.

Nonstop arguing is cringeworthy.

"My parents argue all the time, regardless of who is in the house. I have no idea how or why they're still married. They've been making each other miserable for as long as I can remember." - Reddit u/tarab083

You know it's time to get a new hat when...

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One time when CalvinSpurge was out at the grocery store, their father stopped dead in his tracks and began wildly sniffing the air. He then removed his ballcap, stuck his nose inside, and proclaimed for all to hear — "this hat smells like cat pee!"

Talking to strangers isn't encouraged.

"My mom is not self aware[sic] at all and loves talking to strangers. If she's frustrated about something, like waiting in line, she looks around to see who would be receptive to her talking to them before trapping them in a conversation about how inconvenienced she is." - Reddit u/BLESS_YER_HEART

Sorry, I'm allergic to gluten.

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Redditor McManus219 says that their mother has a severe gluten allergy. That, on its own, wouldn't be such a big deal — but she constantly complains about it and bring it up in the most random and awkward of ways.

Frugality as a philosophy.

"My mom has turned into a cheap disheveled crotch, and it's horribly embarrassing. Haggling over a small ticket item, trying to use like 14 coupons at the register to purchase cigarettes and a loaf of bread. you would think we were on welfare with the way she acts." - Reddit u/amyscactus

Can I take your order?

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Reddit user Rhythmmonster says that their dad has a bad habit of screaming at order boxes at the drive-thru. He speaks far louder than necessary and slows his speech to a crawl — which he believes adds clarity.

You can't take them anywhere.

"It usually boils down to going out to eat with them at a restaurant. My father will order something off menu[sic] without fail, and makes odd requests (like a very very raw steak, or undercooked french fries). If they won't accommodate him, he throws a fit." - Reddit u/

Nobody likes baby-talk.

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"My mom likes to talk in a baby voice and not use the english[sic] language. Instead[sic] she talks in like broken English(she speaks english, english is her first language...she just choices to take in broken English)." - Reddit u/IamthemooncalledLuna

A message to all mothers: twerking is never OK.

Redditor ChickenTendere's mother likes to have a good time at parties. She's known for getting wild and twerking on both men and women. The most embarrassing instance of this occurred during a 9-year-old's birthday party!

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