Vegan Cooking Hack Has People Making 'Bacon' Out Of Bread

What can't vegans do?

(Well, except eat meat, but you know what I mean.) See, vegans have found ways to create alternatives to many of our favorite meat-based meals. However, bacon is still pretty elusive.

Enter RJ the Magician. His random idea to turn bread into bacon has made him go TikTok viral. You gotta see this.

Meet RJ.

When he's not creating fake bacon, he's a comedian and magician from NYC. He's effortlessly cool, extremely funny, and an honest-to-god actual magician.

RJ went viral on TikTok recently.

Why? Because RJ went and made bacon out of bread.

"If you have a piece of bread, you can make at least some version of this. I was in bed the other day, and I was like, ‘Why can’t I just make bacon out of bread?’."

I mean, bread is pretty damn versatile.

"Flatten the bread. Use your hands, or rolling pins. Rolling pins work well. Cut the bread in strips and you have what is essentially a gluten strip that will absorb anything. Flatten it one more time."

Mix up a marinade.

You'll need a 1/4 cup soy, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 3tbs olive oil, 1/2tsp smoked paprika, 1tsp garlic powder, and a pinch of msg to RJ's create vegan "bacon" marinade.

He has a secret ingredient to his bacon:

"Secret ingredient is Tabasco chipotle. It adds coloring and a little flavor. Let that sit for like a minute. Throw it in a pan with some oil and some vegan butter."

Cook it on low.

"Now, it’s going to cook fast, but you want it to cook low. Put it on low or medium heat and let it sit for like 10 seconds. Flip a lot. As you flip it, the color will start to turn brown."

You have to let it rest a certain way.

"I take it out and I place the hot bacon on some forks, and that’ll give it the curve that you see."

You gotta get that authentic bacon curl, you know?

Then enjoy!

"Taste test: It’s literally almost like candied bacon. This is the best thing I’ve ever created."

I'm not going to lie, his enthusiasm over his bread bacon has me wanting to try it. It looks good af.

What do you think of this whole thing?

Are you into it, or are you going to skip out on this vegan hack? Either way, I think we can all agree the creativity of vegans is unmatched.