Hilary Duff Is Waiting For The Trolls To Hate On Her After Piercing Her Baby's Ears

Hilary Duff already knows what the online mommy-shamers are all about, which is why she already called herself out while sharing that she recently got her 7-month-old daughter's ears pierced.

There's no denying piercing a baby's ears is a hot topic these days, so I really appreciate Hilary's ability to be open and honest and to honestly not give a crap what anyone thinks about her!

In case you didn't know, Hilary Duff is doing amazing these days.

Not only she is starring in the How I Met Your Mother spin-off series How I Met Your Father but she's an amazing wife to music producer Matthew Koma to three beautiful kids.

Sadly, since Hilary is a mom on the internet, she tends to deal with a lot of online trolls.

However, this time, instead of getting shamed after the fact, Hilary was keen to get ahead of the mommy-shamers when we posted a photo of her 7-month-old daughter, Mae.

Sharing a photo of Mae, Hilary wrote: "Yes! I pierced her ears today."

"Can't wait for the internet to call me a child abuser.... again. less go," she added, referencing the scandal she got caught in two years ago with her other daughter, Banks.

In 2019, Hilary addressed people's concerned after she showed off her then 8-month-old daughter Banks' ear piercngs.

“I’m so used to dodging the comments or the judgment, that I don’t realize. Like, you just get a tough skin and you don’t realize how much it actually affects you. I don’t comment on other people’s posts like that, so I don’t understand, but I guess it’s just a need for attention or whatever. It’s hard not to take it personal," she told Yahoo! Life at the time.

"At first I want to be defensive, but when I zoom out, I’m like, ‘It’s one person. That’s not how everybody feels."

She added: "That doesn’t really matter. That person’s, like, a keyboard gangster who just needs to be heard or seen.’”

I'm glad Hilary can stick up for her family and do what she feels is best.