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Boomer Culture Vs. Millennial Culture Summed Up In Perfect Tweets

The eternal struggle is boomers vs millennials when the reality of life is this: everyone has been miserable at some point, so why the competition?

That being said, it's always amusing to see one side talk about the other. And now, we can sum up both sides in these perfect tweets.

Boomers and technology don't mix.

How many times have you been called to aid your parents in some pedestrian technological process only to hear them remark "That's exactly what I did and it didn't work for me!"

Sure ya did, pops. Sure ya did.

Millennials are nothing if not resourceful.

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"Millennial culture is using your parents home phone number to get sale prices and deals at every grocery store," Twitter user @therealconcon_p said.

Don't forget to also use their address in order to get a free grocery box from Good Food!

Boomers buy ridiculously expensive luxury items, too.

There is a China set at my nana's house that has quite literally never been used. When I asked her why that is, she told me she bought it to give to my mother after she passes away.

I don't get boomers, at all.

Millennials are afraid of the phone.

"Millennial culture is texting someone to let them know you’re going to call them so they can mentally prepare for the eventual phone call," Twitter user @kuchbhiyaarr said.

Can you believe there used to be a time when we didn't have caller-id?

Boomers have funny slang.

This one stopped me dead in my tracks because my mom, dad, and everyone else in my family who are north of 60 says "nuke it" all the time. I never really stopped to think why that is or why I myself don't use the colloquialism?

Millennials live in constant fear of losing their job.

"Millennial culture is having to take vacation before the end of the year so you don’t lose it, but being paranoid they’ll discover they don’t really need you if you’re out too long," according to Twitter user @reedthurston.

Boomers don't appreciate how much easier Google makes things.

Wondering where you can get a good haircut? Google. Not sure what mechanic offers the best rates in town? Google. A simple rule of thumb is that if you can ask it, Google can answer it — so stop clogging up my feed!

Millennials will never forget their mother's cell phone number.

"Millennial culture is having exactly one phone number memorized and that number being your mom's cell from 2014," Twitter user @NickiBee16 joked.

My mom's old phone number was 639-6496 — and that was before we started using area codes!

Boomers always think someone is out to get them.

As if some 17-year-old kid is lying to you in order to rip you off an extra .35 cents. The disrespect and reckless abandon boomers have for other people's time is one of the most infuriating aspects of their generation.

Millennials are extreme couponers.

"Millennial culture is noticing a coupon not being scanned yet not wanting to bother the underpaid customer service rep….only to lament in the car how poor you are and could have used that $2.50." - Twitter user @lupalionessa

Boomers can hear everything, except their own cell phone.

Boomers either don't notice that their phone is ringing in the first place or they can't find it once it starts to go off. This is ironic because it's almost always contained in a cellphone hip-holster.

Millennials are depressed.

"Millennial culture is posting pictures of the silly face in your coffee because it’s a welcomed distraction from the firey[sic] hellscape that is our current realty[sic]. Lol so silly," Twitter user @realwayneevans said.

I used to do this all the time when I worked for a call center.

Boomers can be schemers.

I swear some boomers do this on purpose to try and weasel their way out of leaving a half-decent tip — I've even seen some try and leverage a dirty table to get their bill discounted!

Millennials are afraid to be an inconvenience to everyone.

"Millennial culture is not asking for substitutions/special adjustments to your food at restaurants/fast food joints bc you don't wanna be an inconvenience to the people working there," writes Twitter user @celeste_P_L_S_.

To this day, I still pick off my tomato slice from my burger.

Boomers love paying more than they have to for cable.

I'd also like to throw Law & Order into the mix. I swear my dad has seen every episode and every iteration of this show since its inception. Aside from the annual Master's Golf Tournament, it's the only thing he ever watches.